Scandal Recap, ‘Flesh and Blood’



Scandal‘ was cut by three episodes this season, so we’re getting the finale sooner than usual. The penultimate episode featured some thrills, a kill and Mama Pope being a boss bitch.

Last night’s episode ended with Jake choking her against a wall, which was a big ass NO-NO, but he seemed to have calmed down enough to ask her why she dismantled his precious B613. Her father, Cyrus and Fitz were in her office as well wanting to know the answer, since she basically helped her mother to carry out her assassination plot. Quinn and Charlie also make an appearance, and Quinn is feeling herself a bit too much these days.

But what about Maya and Adnan? It’s a race against time to find them, and the bomb, leaving Olivia with a choice to make. Should she work with her father to take down her mom, or go with her on again, off again Boo? She chooses Rowan, but Jake warns her that he is only in it for himself and that he’ll eventually turn on her. To try to find out where Maya has planted the bomb, Huck, Charlie and Quinn do what they do best and torture Dominick Bell, Maya’s boyfriend. He reveals to Olivia that she knows him, or knew him, and Rowan later reveals that he was the only man her mother every loved and persuaded her to marry him so that she could access to B613’s resources. So is Dominick her real dad? It’s a huge possibility, but it also isn’t crazy enough for this show.


Meanwhile, Senator Hamilton has died, and Sally wants to be the first to eulogize the man. Fitz also wants to be at his funeral, but it’s best he stay at the White House. Mellie, who is completely done, asks the WH doctor to perform a paternity test for their son Jerry. When Leo gets wind of the news, he bribes Jerry’s girlfriend to get some of his DNA so that he can beat her to the punch. Rowan instructs Olivia to handle the situation, but Mellie wants to use the results to hurt Fitz, who deserves it, frankly. Abby then bribes the DNA tester to change whatever the results were to make it a match to Fitz.

At OPA, Dominick isn’t giving up Maya, who conveniently calls in the middle of the game of Russian Roulette Rowan makes Dom play. Maya could care less about his life and let’s Rowan kill him. Rowan tells Olivia that he has waited years to do that, and if he messed up her floor in the process, so be it. Either Maya is the coldest person on the planet, or she decided to throw her fake husband a bone and let him get his revenge.


Getting antsy being couped up in the WH, Fitz leaves for his campaign event in Defiance, Ohio, where all those fake votes that got him elected came from. It’s the perfect place for a bomb to go off, but if Fitz is to be saved, Olivia has to be there. Maya won’t kill her daughter, even though she has threatened to a couple of times, but the bomb wasn’t there anyway.

Adnan reveals to Harrison that the plan was never to leave it at the school auditorium, it’s final destination was the church where Senator Hamilton’s funeral will be. The Senator didn’t die of a heart attack, he was killed, by Maya! This woman sure does get around. When Olivia returns home to D.C. she finds her father bleeding on the floor. While Quinn and Harrison were engaging in some disgusting sexual antics in the parking garage, they let Maya slip past them. Cyrus gets the call from Jake about where the bomb is, and knowing that Fitz is safe, he lets Sally, Leo and Andrew go to the funeral without a warning. Evil Cyrus is fun, and incredibly scary.

So, Fitz is going to be President again for sure. Except he probably won’t have a Veep now. Maya is gone with the wind, but I hope there is some sort of confrontation between her and Olivia. She may have killed her dad, (step dad? fake dad?) and was trying to kill her man. Liv was disturbed that she let the man she claimed to love die, so who’s to say she won’t turn on her. The back and forth between Liv and Jake is not as tiring as Olitz, but either Jake needs to man up or…yeah, Jake needs to move on. She don’t love you, bruh! I don’t want to think about what happened between Huckleberry Quinn again. It was just, too damn much.

Olivia Pope Wine

The ‘Scandal‘ season finale is next Thursday. Will you be watching live with a glass, or bottle, of wine?!

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