Scandal Recap, ‘Everything’s Coming Up Mellie’



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I hope you have some popcorn next you–because you’ll need it. With a glass of whiskey. Neat.


As the title of the episode suggests, Thursday night’s ‘Scandal’ focused on the always put upon, and never appreciated, Mrs. Grant. All this time we’ve wondered why Mellie refused to leave Fitz, because other than being the first lady, what’s in this marriage for her? We found out the disturbing reasons why she’s stayed and is so determined to keep Fitz and herself in the White House. On the flipside, Quinn gets a job she didn’t know she applied for, and Shonda Rhimes hits us with another surprise.

In a number of flashbacks with some very bad wigs, we see how Cyrus helped shaped Fiz’s campaign for Governor, and though he seemed to have it all, Fitz could never please his dad Jerry. The elder Grant never wanted his son to join the Navy, even though Fitz loved to fly airplanes, and is all but standing in the way of his son’s success. Remember the speech Mellie gave Fitz last season about how he was like his father, well now we see how true that is. His boozing and philandering came straight from papa. In a very drunken confession, Jerry tells Mellie that he has a problem with younger ladies, prompting everyone watching to scream at their televisions for Mellie to get the hell out of the room. What happens next was absolutely awful, as Jerry raped Mellie on the couch while his son slept upstairs. The next morning she acts as if nothing is wrong, with her mind on Fitz winning his election.

We all know why the Grant marriage is strained, but this insight was not only helpful in revealing why Mellie has continued to stay with Fitz after all he has done, and not done to and for her. It also made you feel for a character that has i’m sure divided the show’s fanbase. So now that most of what Mellie does and says makes a hell of a lot more sense, it is sad to see that she has given up every part of herself to make Fitz seem like the great man that he isn’t. As she shoots a documentary for tv about her role as First Lady, Fitz isn’t there when she needs him, and only sort of comes through in a sit down interview. The coldness she feels towards childen may be because there’s a huge chance that Jerry could be the father of their first child. Yikes. I can completely understand why Mellie wasn’t, or still isn’t like, i’m not 100% here for her myself, but it’s nice to understand why the characters on this show act they way they do.

Which is why I still can’t with Quinn. Her slow dissent into utter stupidity has gotten an innocent man killed, and mostly likely given Huck, and Olivia, another mess of hers to clean up. She sees Charlie as a mentor, meeting with him at the gun range and even kissing him a couple of times. Girl, ew. What she doesn’t know, because she’s an idiot, is that Charlie is helping Rowan to enlist her in B613. Huck is out, so is Jake, so they need a new member to do their bidding. Charlie gives her a needle to stick into some poor security guard’s hand, killing the guy. A guy gives you a needle full of God knows what and tells you to stick another guy with it and you didn’t expect anything bad to happen? Not only did she commit murder, it’s all on tape. She runs out and calls Huck, who isn’t answering, and officially becomes B613’s newest trainee.


Olivia has had many a client, from cheating Senators to presidential aides, and now her mother. With the help of her Gladiators, she digs up info on the flight her mother was on and her father’s involvement in the whole crash. They learn about the man who could place Maya Pope on the tarmac, the security guard Quinn killed, but with him dead once again Rowan Pope has the evil upper hand. We see him visit a rundown prison and venture into a cell where his thought to be dead wife Maya is being kept.


Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that big of a revelation for Olivia’s mom to be alive, but who knew Rowan had been keeping her locked up all this time. Or did he kidnap her from somewhere or have one of his goons track her down?

Of course we’ll have to tune in next week. Same crazy time. Same batshit channel.

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