San Diego Comic Con Travels Through the Stones with ‘Outlander’

Now that my keening and wailing at having missed out on yet another San Diego Comic Con has passed, I can tell you that ‘Outlander’ pulled out all the stops at SDCC this year. Even bringing along a “freaking castle!

If it brought me nothing but this picture, it would be enough:

outlander 3


…but there were also SO MANY MEN IN KILTS!!!


outlander 1

…and out:
outlander 4


More importantly there were more glimpses at what is to be when it comes to the show. We got our first look at the opening credits:


As well as a brand new trailer:


Sadly there was also a panel, which I’m still working through my pain at missing. *rending of clothes and much sobbing* Starz, in their infinite wisdom, has put the entire thing up online for our viewing pleasure:


While I couldn’t be there to enjoy all the Outlandishness I can comfort myself with the knowledge that the show is having it’s online premiere this weekend.

I am so ready to pass through the stones and finally get to Jamie…uh I mean watch this sure to be awesome show…yeah that’s what I meant, really…

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