Samantha Ronson Arrested for DUI

Hmmm...sound familiar?

Oh, Sam!  Good one.

Seems Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend was arrested this morning around 10:30 in the a.m. after DJ-ing in Las Vegas over the weekend.


“According to the booking sheet, 33-year-old Ronson is listed as 5’7” and 102 pounds.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend was driving home from Las Vegas at 10:30AM in her black Porsche when she was pulled over for speeding.

We’re told she was given a field sobriety test and didn’t perform well. She refused to submit to a breathalyzer and was arrested on the scene.

She was transported to the Baker substation, where we’re told she blew over the legal limit. According to sources, she was cooperative the entire time.

Sam DJ’d last night at the Lavo nightclub in the Palazzo hotel in Vegas.”

Sounds like someone may end up doing some community service (at the very LEAST) right next Lindsay. Oh, wait.  Different county…

Stay tuned.

3 Responses to Samantha Ronson Arrested for DUI

  1. Dear dumb celebrities: you have money. We don’t expect you to cab or bus home when drinking but for the love of God (and safety of other drivers) hire a FREAKING driver. You HAVE the money to do that!

    (Plus, 5’7 woman who weighs 102 pounds is scary!)