‘Outlander’ Foreplay




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I’ve been a bookseller for more years than I care to talk about. A million years ago I special ordered a book for a customer. She told me it was a love story set in Jacobite Scotland that involved time travel. I was intrigued. Then something happened that had never happened before and has not happened since, the customer returned after reading the book and GAVE IT TO ME AS A GIFT! Seriously, she gave the bookseller who sold it to her, the book she bought. That book was Outlander and that exchange gives you some idea of the depth of love and need to share we Outlander fans have for our favorite series.

The Outlander book series is at seven books and counting. We fans wait breathlessly for the next chunk to be published, because yes they are chunks of a huge, seemingly endless, story. We are so extreme in our addiction that the author, Diana Gabaldon, published and updates, The Methadone List to cure our shakes until the next book arrives.

Over the years, Outlander has been optioned for the movies, but it has never gone anywhere. To some extent I’ve been happy about that. How could you capture the adventure, history, love and super hot sex on the big screen? Who on this earth could personify the perfection that is James Fraser, the male lead in the book, a tall redheaded Highland warrior? Or Claire, the WWII nurse thrown back in time through the stones to find herself decidedly out of place?

Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica fame is here to save the day, or perhaps his wife is. Moore is producing an Outlander miniseries for Starz. Why do I have such high hopes for a faithful adaption you may ask? As Moore explained it at the NYCC panel, his wife is one of the Outlander faithful and will not allow him to screw it up.

We’ve been treated to a lot of pre-show material to help prepare us for our date with destiny. The Outlander production even has it’s own Instagram account.

I am here as your guide to the world of Outlander while we prepare ourselves for the feels to come. Think of me as your fluffer, if you will, getting you stoked for consummation of our Outlander love.

I know my loins were aflame from this simple short where the man who would be Jaime, Sam Heughan, teaches us how to properly pronounce Jaime’s affectionate name for Clare, “Sassenach”.



Whew…never get tired of hearing him say that.

I was not prepared when Startz ran an ACTUAL COMMERCIAL FOR THE SHOW,  during the Black Sails premere. I’d say prepare yourself, but your body will never be ready:



So come along with me on this journey to the past. We can hold each other during the shaking and crying.

3 Responses to ‘Outlander’ Foreplay

  1. Great article. I too was happy it was turned into a series. How could anyone tell this story in two hours. Love the fan base great people (readers). Bit worried about that changing once it hits the screen. I also think you just coined a new phrase “the man who would be Jamie”. This clip left me assured the character was in good hands.

    • Thanks Beth, glad you liked it! I have some concerns about the new fan vs old fan dynamic also but the Game of Thrones fans seem to coexist fairly well. I say that as a newbie to that fandom. I started with the show rather than the books in that one. The clips that have been coming out of the filming have been VERY reassuring overall. I think we Outlander fans are going to have a great Summer!.