‘Outlander’ Feels Coming Sooner Than Expected


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I know I have left my fellow “Outlandish” bereft by not fluffing enough for our upcoming consummation of all things Jamie and Claire with the premiere of ‘Outander’: the series on Starz. Today’s news has brought me out of my cave because it needs to be shared, screamed at the top of my lungs really…


Starz, in their infinite wisdom, must know the pain we are going through while we watch the filming of our beloved book from afar. To help soothe this pain they are going to put the first episode online August 2nd. A full week before the television premiere.

Starz’ CEO Chris Albrecht, my new best friend, announced it today at the Television Critics Association’s Press Tour.

Here’s part of his statement:

“We’ve heard from fans the world over who are anxiously awaiting to see how we’ve brought Claire and Jamie to life in what may possibly be the most highly anticipated series in Starz history… Our ‘Outlander’ sampling strategy serves the dual purpose of giving early access to the series premiere for those fans thirsting to watch it as soon as possible, as well as providing a vehicle that introduces the Starz experience to prospective new subscribers who are eager to learn all about this great new series.”




Starz will be running the 16 episode series in two parts. The first eight episodes will air over eight weeks beginning August 9th and running through September 27th. The second half will run early next year.

Want to see more of what has gone into making this amazing book into what looks to be an equally amazing series? Starz has a trailer to tell you more about that:


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