Olympic Hotties: Gymnastics Edition

While we all love and support the flawless young ladies of all of the Women’s Gymnastics teams, the guys deserve a little love too, right?  Let’s take a good look at these accomplished and gorgeous men!

Danell Leyva


This 20-year old  has had quite the journey. As a kid Danell was chubby and was plagued by allergies and asthma, so much so his mother didn’t want him around the chalk dust in the gym. He also had a fear of heights, which you couldn’t tell by his performance on the Trampoline. You’ve probably noticed the lucky star towel he drapes himself in after every event, it actually has it’s own Twitter page now! Even though he’s an amazing athlete, it’s not hard to figure out why he is a favorite of our friend @TJNeonLimelight, other ladies, and some men, during these Olympics.

John Orozco


John is another part of what might be the cutest Men’s Gymnastics team ever. Hailing from The Bronx, the 19-year old said that he never let attitudes about the sport he loves get him down. “They just didn’t understand everything that went into gymnastics. All the work, all the hours, all the blood, sweat and tears.” “Look at me. I’m 5-foot-5, 5-foot-4. Can you imagine me being a basketball player?,” he joked to CNN. We’re glad he stuck with gymnastics, check out the cute picture he tweeted before the opening ceremonies.

Jake Dalton


Orozco and Leyva’s team mate Jake is enjoying his first Olympics, and will have another chance at a medal on Sunday for the Individual Floor Exercises. The 20-year old said of the sport that bought him to the Games, “Gymnastics has brought me so far in life and I’ve learned so many things being in it and being able to travel the world.” I think Jake has the distinction of having the prettiest eyes of anyone in the competition.

Sam Mikulak

Oh hey, Sam!

If Jake has the best eyes, Sam definitely has the best “I know I’m good”  faces. Originally from California, he attends the University of Michigan and is the first male gymnast from the school to be named to the US Olympic team. Both of his parents are gymnasts and he started competing at the age of 2.

Kohei Uchimura


Representing Japan, Uchimura beat out Danell Leyva for a gold medal in the All Around competition. Some are saying he might be one of the greatest male gymnasts ever, including Leyva. “I’m going to keep working to beat him,” he said. “His gymnastics is just so beautiful. … I’m not trying to copy his style. I have my own style. I need to perfect me more to beat him.” He’s only 5’3″ and about 119 pounds, which would be like dating the male,  muscular, Japanese version of myself but hey, why not?


Marcel Nyugen

Half German and half Vietnamese, 24-year old Nyugen won Silver in the All Arounds, even though he wasn’t expected to place. His specialties are the Parallel Bars, Floor Exercises and looking that cute.

Alexander Shatilov


This Israeli gymnast specializes in the Floor Exercises, winning medals in World and European championships. It’s hard not to notice Alexander;  he is one of the taller guys competing, standing at 6 ft tall.

These give these talented and exceedingly attractive men a round of applause!

Photos: GettyImages

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