Notes On Ferguson, Mo And The Death Of Michael Brown

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I woke up this morning thinking, for a brief moment, that I’d actually get decent news on mainstream/basic media networks i.e. ABC, NBC, etc. What I’m getting is a completely half-assed version of what’s going on in Ferguson, Mo.

What’s frightening is that while I know where to get ACTUAL news on events (cable, journalists twitters/blogs, etc), way too much of the public doesn’t. And for those who don’t have access to the cable station versions of the media mentioned above, such as MSNBC, what they see/hear now is all they know to be “true”. They “know” that 18 year old Michael Brown was apparently a robbery suspect, but not that the situation with Darren Wilson began BEFORE the officer had any idea of a robbery. The information on this was released INSTEAD of the shooting report that was requested, as something to sway the public into thinking Brown deserved to be gunned down. Never mind the fact that committing such a crime STILL doesn’t warrant a suspect being shot 6 times (twice in the head) from behind. You know, unless we’ve suddenly started resorting to execution style killings without due process in this country?

Looting/rioting is being reported. Looting/rioting is definitely always a problem in situations with large crowds. Let’s be reminded that looting/rioting happens for such ridiculous reasons as a sports team losing/winning with barely an arrest. I digress: The looting in Ferguson is actually being stopped by it’s own RESIDENTS as best it can. The violent rioting by a small group is being dealt with by authorities, yes, but with the target dangerously also on the general folk of Ferguson. Media focusing on the destruction an ignorant few decide to wreak, distracts from the real problem of how this is being handled as a whole, and once again places blame on the whole population of Ferguson, as opposed to those few.

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Beyond that, we have the curfew. What’s the purpose exactly, other than to tell Ferguson’s residents that their plight will continue to be ignored? There’s a specific portion of the American population that wants to be high as a kite about the 2nd Amendment, yet seems mighty mum when the 1st Amendment is being trampled on. Interesting thing that. Meanwhile, authorities in Ferguson are using tear gas again with the addition of sonic weapons(?!), and they started this THREE HOURS BEFORE supposed curfew. Children? Hit with it, resulting in a new form of looters, those looting McDonalds for milk to pour on tear gas victims.

So, what we have here is a town whose constitutional rights are being tossed by the wayside and who are sick of it. Let’s disregard the looters for a quick moment and focus on everything else. What do you see? Everyone is so addicted to social media and the internet, right? So please tell me you’re using it to find out as much as you can, rather than relying on what mainstream media chooses to feed you. To add insult to injury, they’ve even begun profiling reporters. Yes. Letting white journalists pass while brown journalists are cordoned off. And ALL journalists, regardless of “race” have been threatened with tear gas/mace. For doing their jobs. WTF IS GOING ON? AND WHERE THE HELL IS OBAMA’S FOLLOW UP?!

tl;dr The entire town of Ferguson is not made up of rioters out to destroy the police force and any media telling you that is one you should question.

Take a look at John Oliver who summed things up both humorously and succinctly.

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