New ‘Hannibal’ Teaser Warns Us To “Stay Away”

The ‘Hannibal’ slogan for season two is “Embrace The Madness”, this we know. What it should have been is “Release The Madness” because, wow, the past week has been a barrage of teaser after teaser. Not that anyone is complaining! I mean, the premiere date is less than a month away and we are, indeed, hungry for the second course. But, well, the official ‘Hannibal’ Tumblr put it best:




To be honest, this fandom has been assaulted. Which, you know, naturally means that we’re digging our figurative fingers into the wounds and sighing out our rapture. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.




THANK YOU, NBC. Yet again! You are definitely the caring Dom(inant) in this relationship!

Now, while all the new tidbits have been equally sexy, my current fave (something new could always upset that), is the brand-spanking-new one from yesterday. It’s not particularly long or meaty as compared to the others, but it’s just such a perfect representation of any Fannibal’s inner monologue! Complete with bad-ass background music, I kid you not. If you know/love a Fannibal, I can bet freshly minted cash that this is precisely what’s going through their head when you mention something mundane about dinner.


Sorry, bro. Except not. Never. Nope. Check the rest out here.


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