MTV Names Best Video of the 80s – INXS by ‘Need You Tonight’

"...makes me SWEAT." SEXAAY.

This made me smile…really big today.


“When MTV was born on August 1, 1981, we had a singular mission in mind: to bring great music to the masses through the new-ish medium of music video.

Somewhere along the way, as is often the case with artists, things started to get competitive. Who’s video was cooler? Which video did people like the most? And who decides?

Well, we do. MTV decides. And in 1984, we started honoring the best and brightest in the world of music video with the annual MTV Video Music Awards. The first VMA broadcast was hosted by Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler on Sept. 14, 1984. The show is mostly remembered for Madonna’s racy performance of “Like A Virgin,” but a Video of the Year Moonman was handed out that night too.

And the winner was: “You Might Think” by The Cars. Six Video of the Year Moonmen were handed out during the 1980s, but which video would prevail if the best of the best were forced to square off against each other. Don’t look at us … you do the work. Vote in our Best Video of the ‘80s poll after the jump. **POLLS CLOSED**

Best Video of the Year Winner of the 1980s

The Cars, “You Might Think” 2.66%

Don Henley, “The Boys of Summer” 3.59%

Dire Straits, “Money For Nothing” 7.47%

Peter Gabriel, “Sledgehammer” 8.09%

INXS, “Need You Tonight” 75.73%

Neil Young, “This Note’s For You” 2.45%

Ahhh, yes. There was no competition, it appears.  Super. Awesome.  Good on ya!

My prized possession. The classic 1987 INXS KICK album, signed by ALL of ’em. Oh, Michael Hutchence.

Oh, and I doubt this is a huge “spoiler” for anyone–I’m just happy to make the announcement early.

I love that the REAL INXS (ahem…) is being recognized not only by MTV, but by the public who voted–and won by a huge margin. It would be even better if the director, Richard Lowenstein appeared at the VMAs on Sunday!  (Oh yeah, and the remaining members of INXS.)

So sliiiide over here…and give me a moment…”. That line NEVER cools off–it’s always hot.


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