Miley Cyrus, Her Tattoos And Tongue On The Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine


Photos: Theo Wenner

Raise your hand if y’aller shocked by this photo? No one? That’s what I thought.

I’ll give Miley credit for keeping her name (and tongue?) out there for constant PR…and now she here is, On The Cover of the Rolling Stone.  She twangs about the VMA’s , double standards for women in the music industry (true dat), sky-diving, Kanye, and a whole lot more.


ROLLING on her right foot, $TONE on the left.
ROLLING on her right foot, $TONE on the left.


Miley admits that her performance with Thicke got a little – her word – “handsy.” But she makes a good point: “No one is talking about the man behind the ass. It was a lot of ‘Miley twerks on Robin Thicke,’ but never, ‘Robin Thicke grinds up on Miley.’ They’re only talking about the one that bent over. So obviously there’s a double standard.” She was especially amused by the criticism from Brooke Shields, who played Miley’s mom on Hannah Montana and called the VMA performance “desperate.” “Brooke Shields was in a movie where she was a prostitute at age 12!” Miley says with a laugh.

The article is fascinating, really.  I did say “PREACH!” when Miley touched on the constant double standards for women and men as well as Brooke Shields’ snippy criticism.  Her 1978 film, “Pretty Baby” still wigs me out at the mere thought. If you don’t know what film I’m referring to, take a look:

No, Miley’s not the most talented chick out there, but neither was Madonna back in the day with her baby-Minnie Mouse voice, rolling around on the stage in a wedding dress on the first VMAs.


So for folks bitching about the likes of Bob Dylan (seriously?) and whining about what “real music was all about”, you people sound like your ancient parents back in the 60’s.

Having said all that, I’m glad I don’t have a young daughter right now. It’s a terrifying world out there, but Miley Cyrus is the least of the problem, and that story is for another day.

I never said I wasn’t a flip-flopper.  I’m just being realistic.

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