MAC And Proenza Schouler Collection Is A Revelation – Review By Taylour Chanel


Photos: Paige Garland

Make-up: Taylour Chanel

I’ll first start by saying, when I saw the internet rumors flying forever ago about the Mac and Proenza Schouler collaboration, my heart skipped a beat and I marked my calendar for whatever tentative dates I could find.  And much to my surprise, MAC did not disappoint! The truth of it is, I’ve been a loyal Mac girl for years, until recently. (Here is where I could go in on why I thought the Playland Collection was my nightmare, however, I’ll spare you.) But talk about redemption!

Let us first address the packaging.

I mean, COME ON. I can’t be the only one completely mesmerized! When they catch the light they are something else, not to mention the square compacts and lipstick shells, which I think are absolutely darling.


I enjoyed the Pro Longwear lip pencils, and just like the other Pro Longwear pencils Mac has, they go on creamy and don’t want to come off for an-y-thing…so the good news is it won’t come off on a date night. Bad news is…it won’t come off on a date night. (Stained lips are cute, right? Sure, why not.) Overall, not the shining stars of this collection, and you’ll definitely want a lip primer or concealer base to save your poor lips from scrub-shock.


The blushes, however, are a totally different story. It was one thing to see them online…but when I opened them up in person, I DIED. Definitely my favorites out of the entire collection, and of those two highly pigmented little nuggets, I absolutely fell in love with Ocean City. Vibrant tangerine fades to the perfect peach to create my new go-to Spring cheek. Sunset Beach is beautiful as well, though if applied too
heavily I can see this getting a little intense.


While we’re here, I also got the 129SE brush, which I essentially just got for the packaging, which I could go on about forever, so I’m sure you get the jist.

Woodrose, Mangrove, PinkFringe, and Primrose (From left to right)

Of the lipsticks, my standout favorites have to be Mangrove and Wildwood. Being that I have a darker complexion, Wildwood is my new nude. I mean, I really should just be honest with myself and go buy 5 more already, because it hasn’t left my side since I got it! She’s a Lustre, sheer and buildable, but as you can see when swatched on a lighter skin tone, you may not get as much use out of this one as I am currently.

Same lipcolors, different complexions.
Same lipcolors, different complexions.

Mangrove is a rich matte, (reminiscent of Lady Danger, if you ask me.) and I can easily see this being a stellar go-to lip. My least favorite of the bunch was definitely Primrose, which I really expected to love considering it’s my favorite dark plum color. It goes on a little sticky and sheer, and didn’t give me consistent coverage. You’ll definitely want to layer up with some Nightmoth liner!


Overall, I’m an obvious fan of this one! I can’t wait to use these on set, and a little birdy at Mac today told me that the upcoming Summer Collections are just as out of this world as this one, (Sharon & Kelly Osbourne, Moody Blooms, and Pedro Lourenco! EEK!!!) So, hopefully we can continue to look forward to more stellar releases in the coming months!

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