Lindsay Lohan Is Totally ‘In Compliance’, you guys.

"I need to stop at the liquor store first..."


Linday is totally ALLOWED to drink, okay?  It’s a LEGAL substance.  It’s just the cocaine, weed, heroin and meth that she’s supposed to stay away from.  Good Lord.

via TMZ:

“Lindsay Lohan will not go to jail,because Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled the prior judge — Elden Fox — only required controlled substances testing from January 3 – February 25, 2011.  At the time, Fox ordered the SCRAM bracelet removed.  In other words, Judge Fox did not order alcohol testing.

Judge Sautner said Lindsay is now restricted for the remainder of her house arrest to one friend at a time at her Venice loft, in addition to family members.

And, the judge said NO PARTIES at Lindsay’s crib.

Judge Sautner said the only thing Lindsay was guilty of was “extremely poor judgment.”

Judge Sautner asked Lindsay if she wanted to get on with her life.  Lindsay replied, “Yes I do.”

PARTY AT LINDSAY’S!!! (The Judge won’t care….)

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  1. […] You know what? I’m truly impressed with Lindsay Lohan. While Lady Gaga works overtime dashing from television interview to photoshoot, blowing smoke about her studies in fame, Lindsay Lohan literally doesn’t leave the house for a solid month, and the tabloids still can’t shut up about her. Even though the actress was sentenced to a month of house arrest, she’s been blowing up the internet with reports of pool parties at her apartment and, most recently, with news that she’d failed an alcohol test. [GirlsTalkinSmack] Surprise surprise, Lindsay has definitely not stayed all clean and sober while living it up in the comfort of her own home. Even though she was ordered to appear in front of a judge, LiLo’s boozy behavior is not going to result in jail time. Even though the judge that sentenced her to house arrest did order that she be tested for controlled substances, Judge Fox did not order alcohol testing, so drinking was within the rights of the sentence. The presiding judge was nonetheless less than pleased with Lindsay’s behavior, and did add on some new restrictions to her remaining term under house arrest. In addition to family members, Lindsay is not allowed to have more than one friend over at a time. Which means, no more pool parties! What a drag. But knowing LiLo, she’ll still find a way to stir up some trouble and get herself back in the public spotlight. [Read more: INeedMyFix, RightCelebrity, HaveUHeard, DippedInCream] […]