Learn to Speak Outlander



Ever since I picked up Outlander and started reading, I’ve wanted to hear Jamie saying, “Sassenach” with it’s correct pronunciation. Initially I had no idea what that sounded like. Through the years, and the help of the Outlandish Companion (don’t judge, I like to immerse myself completely in the waters of my fandom) I learned, theoretically how it was said but I still hadn’t heard it.

Until now. Once again Starz knows their audience. They have provided us with lessons to help us learn to speak Outlander (Gaelic really but Outlander to us Outlandish peeps) and lo and behold my dreams have come true.

Say it to me Jamie:
LESSON 1Sassenach

God yes! Oh sorry, got carried away there. How do we say the name of those wonderful stones that brought Claire (and us) back in time to Jacobite Scotland?

Here you go:

LESSON 2 – Craigh na Dun

…and when Jamie holds Claire close and whispers terms of endearment in her ear it sounds like this:

LESSON 3 – Mo Nighean Donn

Whew…if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk…

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