Learn to Speak ‘Outlander’ – Part 2


outlander take


Today’s lessons in speaking Outlander are not as sexy as the last ones. Still there are a few words here that are extremely important to know.  Names of potential adversaries and liquor. Both very key factors in my world as well as Claire and Jamie’s.

One must be able to pronounce the names of those who would do you harm, like that little bitch Laoghaire, who should have been drowned at birth. Just sayin’. Also it’s a good thing to know the name of the town witch. You never know when you’ll be on a stake being burned next to her. Good form says pronouncing her name wrong would be rude.


LESSON 4 – “Laoghaire” and “Gellis”

When you’re not sure who’s on your side or not it’s a good thing to know the names of the players involved. Don’t won’t to confuse friend with foe when it comes down to it.


LESSON 5 – “Colum” and “Dougal”

Finally, the most important Gaelic to learn today, how to ask for this particular type of good, strong wine.


LESSON 6 – “Rhenish”

There you go my Outlandish. Go forth and speak Gaelic!


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