Kylie Minogue says she a little bit “bisexual”?

Oh, Kylie.
Oh, Kylie.

I’m no expert, but just because we think women are beautiful and we are “attracted” to them, I wonder if that qualifies as actually being bisexual — because that’s what Kylie Minogue is saying:

“I have been attracted to some women. I am a sexual exhibitionist and part of me is a natural flirt,” the 41-year-old told Max Mexico magazine.

“But although I am attracted to women, I have never done anything with them.”

Because if that’s the case, I know LOTS more bisexual women than I realized….I just think she used the wrong phrasing.  I, personally just say I’m a latent lesbian.  That hits the nail on the head, don’t you think?

Who’s with  me, and who are you, as a woman, attracted to?  Me?  I’m all over Joan Jett and Sherilyn Fenn (from Twin Peaks fame, speaking of  David Lynch)…take a look at this.

Sherilyn Fenn. OhmyGOODNESS.
Sherilyn Fenn. OhmyGOODNESS.

Here’s a clip from Twin Peaks, with Sherilyn, as Audrey Horne doing her unusual dance at the diner.


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  1. I never watched the show but I did that exact dance at the Busy Bee diner and now I can go back in there!