Katy Perry’s Perfume Commercial Looks Too Familiar



It’s not uncommon for the Pop Royalty of today to take their cues from the Kings and Queens of yesteryear, but when they start copying each other is it safe to say that artists these days are running out of ideas?

Take Katy Perry‘s new teasers for her latest perfume ‘Killer Queen.’ The jumpy, seconds long ads feature Perry in a Baroque setting, complete with a Party City  powdered wig and Spirit Halloween corset dress. It conjured up images of Queen Elizabeth, the first one, but also made people think of Beyonce‘s promo video for the European leg of her ‘Mrs. Carter World Tour’ . The videos are just too similar, they where even shot at the same place and by the same director, Jonas Akerlund. Katy comes off looking like a cheap copycat. It’s the most obvious thing to do to help promote a fragrance called ‘Killer Queen,’ but couldn’t she, or whomever came up with the idea, had gone in a different direction?

madonna (1)

Or maybe it’s just one big reference to the band Queen? Either way, I think it’s time all of the pop tarts stop making obvious references and paying “homage” to things that have been done to death. You’re smart ladies, come up with your own crap. Something that we can look back on and go “wow, remember when so and so had that amazing performance, or video?” Not, “remember when that chick copied that other chick?” The arguments usually end with people talking about Madonna anyways.

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