Kanye West Debuts Music Video For ‘Bound2’, Kim Kardashian In Tow



Hmm. So this is going to be a brief “first impressions” type of thing because my mind is honestly…boggled. In case you missed it, Kanye West‘s new video for ‘Bound2’ dropped yesterday and, whaddaya know, it stars his baby mama come fiance, Kim Kardashian. But that’s neither here nor there. Mazel Tov to them both, to be honest! My issue is “wtf did I just watch?”

The song itself is, to me, below what Kanye is usually capable of. I get the point he’s trying to make with the lyrics (being over playing the field) just fine. The different melodies in this particular song happen to clash rather badly though, instead of complimenting/doing justice to each other. I had to wince more than once and, yeah, no me gusta. I couldn’t groove or get into any sort of mood at all while listening to ‘Bound2’; all I wanted was to turn it off!

The video? Listen, let’s just call it out for what it is, which is utterly ridiculous. And I don’t mean in the that-was-so-ridiculous-that-I-need-to-watch-it-on-loop way. No, the video is actually awful. Not the whole simulated nookie on a motorcycle because, hey, who doesn’t enjoy that? My issue is that, for a man as creative as Kanye, ‘Bound2’ is one of the least inspired things I’ve ever seen. It’s just him and a very naked Kim rubbing all over each other, awkwardly, as he stoically pretends to ride off into the proverbial sunset. “Awkward” being the operative word. Maybe they fail at successfully recreating their passionate moments for the camera? Whatever. All I know is that, instead of titillating me, this music video made me cringe on both a literal and figurative level.


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