Jennifer Lopez – Before and After Plastic Surgery – People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman

People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman 2011
“Natural Beauty” Jennifer Lopez

Welcome to our new feature–“Before and After Plastic Surgery”. Some of these beautiful people have obviously had nips and tucks, while others like J. Lo are less conspicuous about their touch-ups.


via Make Me Heal:

“Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is rumored to have had a nose job, cheek implants, and a lip reduction. Lopez also wears fake eyelashes. Jennifer Lopez is also speculated to have had a breast augmentation. After giving birth to two twin girls, Lopez has quickly slimmed down to her pre-baby weight causing speculation that she may have undergone SmartLipo or mesotherapy-style fat-loss injections. At 38 years old, Lopez remains free from fine lines and wrinkles leading some to believe she may have had injectable fillers like Botox or Restylane to smooth out any forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet that may have begun to crop up. Laser skin treatments like Fraxel, Pixel, or Active Fx may have attributed to her youthful glow and smooth complexion.

Lopez says about plastic surgery, “If people want to get enhancements here and there and little shots or whatever… I don’t do it, but I don’t want to judge because I don’t know how I’ll feel when I’m 40 or 50 and if that is something I would do. I know that getting older is tough; I don’t want to judge because I’m not there yet.”

Oh, Jen.  Congrats on your People’s Most Beautiful Woman cover!  (At least it’s not that horse-face Julia Roberts, right?)

10 Responses to Jennifer Lopez – Before and After Plastic Surgery – People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman

  1. Great minds think alike! I said at least it wasn’t Julia too. And…I don’t think she had surgery. Just better makeup and styling. But i’m sure she has had some touch-ups. She looks better than she ever has.

    • Jennifer is drop-dead gorgeous now. Luminous. She may have had tiny tweaks (like Christie Brinkley gets), but I would, too in her position.

      xoxo j

      • LOL you sound foolish. If you look at the pictures of her without make up you’d change your mind. People that are drop dead gorgeous don’t need make up she does!

  2. J-Lo has obviously had surgery up the wazoo– literally as well as figuratively. To call her “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman” is unfair to Barbie, since if they’re going to allow Doc Hollywood’s work then they might as well allow Mattel’s.

    • Thank you. While she is a good performer, this woman is the most shallow and overrated of our time. Not a classic beauty. Take a walk in the Bronx and you’ll find naturally prettier girls.

  3. It is so annoying to hear the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman deny that they’ve had word done. Jennifer and Nicole have had a LOT of work done. Lying is not pretty

  4. her havin sergery dosnt meen she aint real u kna,she is a real person. lying aint pretty but it aint lyk u aint eva lyed b4 lyk is it man?

    • Hmmm…bi-racial? I don’t know if Jen was intentionally downplaying her Puerto Rican heritage. She’s always been gorgeous–just more refined and “touched up” these days?

      xoxo j