Here’s why I quit this Bitch. “Project Runway” is “Project Piss, Moan and Bellyache”.

aka Project BackBiting

Folks are constantly questioning why I’m not watching Project Runway anymore.  This. Is. Why.

Watch this crap.

The utter disrespect these a-holes show Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum and the entire Project Runway production makes me ill.  Serious designers?  Is that what these snipes think they are? Mondo?  That is HEIDI-MFing-KLUM you are rolling your eyes at–and quit lying about doing it, because we all saw you.

I know.  I know.  “There would be no show if there weren’t a bunch of bitches and mean queens all up in that room!”.  You know what?  No.  I remember when TVs were tiny and showed a black and white movin’ pitchurr the “designers” showed some honest fear and respect of Das Klum and Mr. Gunn.  Now these nobodies think they can be sarcastic, accusatory, caustic, entitled little sour pusses, all the while producing some butt-ugly garments.  Yeah.  Braaaavo.  (I mean, Liiiiifetime.)

Tim Gunn?  We all know you are too good for this show anymore.

I’m over it.  Who’s with me?

3 Responses to Here’s why I quit this Bitch. “Project Runway” is “Project Piss, Moan and Bellyache”.

  1. I can’t bear to watch another moment of this. The look on Tim Gunn’s face was priceless. I just had just viewed Tim Gunn last night in an ad against bullying. I was waiting for him to pull that factoid out while “fashion designer for yorkies” was rolling his eyes. Irregardless, I suppose what made the rest of this was the incessant petty drama queen whine that made me want to hear Jan pop up and say “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”. No wonder I can’t watch another moment of this show. Drag indeed, cause I miss watching Heidi in action.