Happy Birthday, Brandon Boyd (from Incubus, come ON) !



First of all, before anyone else says it, I know. I know Brandon Boyd bears a striking resemblance to my beautiful son Hunter.  In face, if George Harrison and Brandon somehow had a child,  he would be Hunter.  Hunter Brandon Harrison.  So there.  I get it.


What I don’t wanna hear are any wise-ass remarks pertaining to some Freudian crap or any Oedipus references.  Can’t a Mum just be happy her baby boy turned into a beauty like her favorite musicians, forpitysake?


Photo: John Miller

ANYlovemyboy,  I’ve posted my favorite Incubus song, and one of my favorite all-time songs by anyone, EVER, “Dig“.  Take a moment a listen to the words.

Happy 37th Birthday, Brandon Boyd.

Just sayin’.

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