Happy 50th Birthday, Bono!

Oh, Saint Bono.

Yes.  Bono’s 50 today…I heard this little joke about him years ago, and think of it whenever I read about Mr. Paul Hewson:

U2 are waiting to be let in at the gates of heaven. God is sitting in his throne and says, “Before I can let you in, I need each of you to tell me what you most believe in…”

Adam goes first and says, “I believe in a sturdy bass line and that dating supermodels is a bad idea.” Adam enters heaven.

The Edge is next. “I believe in the C chord, the G chord, and the D chord. And with those chords I believe I can change the world.’ The Edge follows Adam in.

“I believe in a 4/4 beat, all day, every day”, Larry adds. He’s then allowed through the gates.

“Now ,what do you believe in, Bono?” God asks .

“I believe you’re sitting in my chair.”

Anyway. How to describe Bono?







Irritant to Annette and Carter Magna  (this one makes me laugh…)

9 Responses to Happy 50th Birthday, Bono!

  1. There are many words that you forgot. None of them complimentary and the best thing I can say about U2 is… average at best. Not fit to shine Dave Grohl’s shoes.