‘Hannibal’ Recap: “Sakizuke”




You gotta love how this show jumps right back into where we left off as if we were still watching a single episode. No “in the interim” here! Episode start places us at the the eye mural with our hapless victim literally tearing himself both apart and apart FROM the other bodies in the “art”. *shudder* It’s, as you may have guessed it, absolutely horrifying! But, you know, welcome to this week’s ‘Hannibal’? Sadly, after running into a nearby cornfield, an escape is not ACTUALLY attained. You tried, bro, you tried. Who IS the killer? Still a nameless, faceless entity at this point.

Meanwhile, at the “happiest place on earth” aka BSHFCI! Will is being visited by both Alana and Hannibal, simultaneously, and he’s doing his best to prove to them that he’s accepted the fact he’s probably crazy. Exposing his belly, so to speak. The sobs are ugly, epic, and perfect. Heartbreaking. “I need your help!” But then we’re back with him in his cell, alone, where he raises his head and reveals that he was playing his “friends” all along, natch! IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT THAT I ALMOST CRIED BECAUSE YOU GO, WILL COCO!


will crying


Hannibal’s office. Bedelia makes a surprise visit and here is where shit starts to hit the fan this episode. Bedelia has come to breakup with Hannibal, professionally. (And trash his lights, shhhh.) “Are you giving me a referral?” is officially the new way to end things, y’all. Piss me off? I’m giving you a referral, just sayin’. Anyhoo, the person!suit begins to slowly slide off as Bedelia makes it obvious she knows Hannibal is darker than she can handle and she’s jumping ship. She reassures him she won’t rat him out but he still stalks her across his office, being the sexy ass predator that he is, to enforce her subconscious fears. *fapping so hard I probably broke a finger, sorry not sorry* “Please don’t come to my home again.” Bedelia smartly knows her days are numbered now and beats a swift retreat, only to have Hannibal gives her the heads up that he’s resuming Will’s therapy. Her response?  That maybe they, he and Will, “deserve each other”. Well…yes, Bedelia. This is what we’ve been trying to tell you. CONJUGAL VISITS!


hannibal stalk


Lab time! Team Sassy Science found the lost child of the corn i.e. our main victim, revealing his name to be Roland Umber (I see what you did there, Bry). Hannibal is back to playing “Will” with them again. A budding…thing is starting to brew between him and Katz and, not that we blame her, but RUN, KATZ, RUN! In her quest to help, she outs the fact that she’s spoken to Will about the case when she mentions the color palette theory in a way that sounds exactly like him. Oops? C’mon, you’re talking to the man (Hannibal) who knows Will best; you can’t hide that speech pattern! Jack, in typical Jack form, shits a couple of kittens before settling down and being like, “I’m just gonna play dumb and let you DO YOUR JOB“. When your job is, ultimately, to catch a killer, aren’t you supposed to do whatever you have to? Exactly. Oh, Jack. Forever sending your minions to their deaths, figuratively and literally.

Then we finally get to see the magic of Hannibal’s nose at work. He takes a whiff of Roland Umber’s body and is mentally transported to the aforementioned corn field. Not that he’ll tell anyone what he discovered because, you know, he’s a dick. But that’s why we love him. *sigh*


jack job


Speaking of conjugal visits…conjugal visit! Will is still playing Hannibal at his own game which, when you think about it, isn’t playing at all. It’s just that, in order to trap his “therapist”, he’s only allowing himself to feel his hurt instead of his anger. None of it is truly contrived. The same for Hannibal’s sympathy! He never meant for Will to be here, remember? So it kinda sucks that his favorite toy is a little out of his reach. *Ballad of the Sad Cannibal plays in the distance* Not to mention that he can’t stop bitching about Will’s “light of friendship” dis! Buck the fuck up, Hanni! You did this to yourself, even if Will is metaphorically allowing you to pet him again. Hannibal reiterates that anything Will THINKS he remember is likely a twisted truth and Will continues to let him think he’s falling for it. Then conversation turns to what Will discovered about the killer due to Katz’s visit. “He’s making a human mural.” The most interesting aspect of this scene is how it quickly grows to mirror Will’s old therapy sessions; soon both him and Hannibal are back to leaning towards each other as if confiding secrets. Which, I guess, is exactly what they’ve always done.


hannibal will mural


Katz visits again and Will manages to blackmail her into disregarding everything she thinks attributes to his guilt, in return for his continued help with the color palette case. Ah, yes, Will is biting back and it’s delicious! He does a bit of his mind palace thing, coming to the conclusion that the victim had a high tolerance for opiates that allowed him to survive the heroine overdose.

“He survived what was done to him. He tore himself free. He ran.” FORESHADOWING! *seal!clapping*

Cue Hannibal in his oh-so-fashionable plastic murder suit, already deep in the corn field. How does that think not sound like me when my ass used to get stuck to my grandmother’s plastic covered couch, I’ll never know. On a mission to discover the killer for himself, Hannibal climbs to the top of a tower and sees the “human mural” in the flesh (lol) with the exact view as intended. It’s then that the actual murderer makes his surprise entrance to Hannibal’s convenience and delight! And what does this smarmy fucker say?! “Hello. I love your work!” TEARS, TEARS OF MIRTH ON THE SIDES OF MY FACE. Don’t throw your plastic panties at him, Hanni!


hello i love your work

hello i love your work2


Now we flash forward to Hannibal looking surprised as he joins the tower crime scene with the FBI. Wait, what? As usual, Hannibal is 10 steps ahead. This scene of discovery is interspersed with Jack’s own therapy session, one in which he FINALLY admits that he pushed Will too far, despite warnings. He’s still going to be a douche about it though, no worries. Back at the lab, the team sees that one of the bodies was Roland Umber’s replacement, even though he doesn’t match him in skin tone at all. Also? Homeboy is missing a leg. GODDAMMIT, HANNIBAL! Suddenly, classical music soars as we witness Hannibal sawing up the killer’s missing leg to make “veal osso buco”. AND IT IS POETRY IN MOTION. THE KIND OF POETRY THAT MAKES YOU REALLY, REALLY HUNGRY. *cries* #Fannibalprobs


hannibal flouring legs


Bedelia visits Jack and tries to drop allllllll the clues at his feet. But Jack is as dense as always so it goes right over his head. He actually tells her that Hannibal could probably help her with her “issues”. *sigh* *SIGH* *BY THE WAY, LET’S TAKE A MOMENT TO KEEP SIGHING, THIS TIME OVER GILLIAN ANDERSON. *_* I burn for your perfection, Gillian. Call me!* Hannibal and Katz pay Will another visit so that it’s mind palace time. “This is my design.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Will comes to the inevitable conclusion that Hannibal/The Ripper caught up with the murderer first and later made him part of his own art. His recovery, after accidentally imagining himself sewn into the mural as the killer, is impressive; Will plays dumb about whomever the culprit was as him and Hannibal give each other beady eyes. A pissing contest is mentioned early on in this episode but here is where we actually see some of it.


hannibal bedelia i believe you


Kade Prurnell (Office of the Inspector General in FBI Oversight) tries to convince Will to plead guilty the same way she tried to convince Alana to drop charges against Jack, but it’s bad-ass Bedelia’s visit that set us all collectively on fire. She tells Will that she’s about to go on the lamb but wanted to meet him first as she feels she understands him, a fellow “trauma” survivor. She believes Hannibal felt he acted in Will’s best interest (she must ship Hannigram too) and, in a mimic of Hannibal’s own stalk, while paying tribute to Silence of the Lambs, Bedelia closes in on Will to sexily whisper, “I believe you.” GUH. *melt*

Once again armed with his trusty plastic suit (of love and justice), Hannibal goes to kill Bedelia. We are disappointed, son! But she’s already bounced, leaving a perfume bottle as her only “goodbye” which makes Hannibal smile. Just as in his relationship with Will, the man loves/respects a challenge. Fly like the wind, Bedelia! We’ll miss you. But at least you won’t end up as stew.


bedelia nope


Until next time, Fannibals!  <3

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