‘Godzilla’ Starring Bryan Cranston – TRAILER


Okay. A couple of things. Firstly, that photo up there looks like a typical skyline photo of Seattle from September through June. Secondly, I can visualize the MST3K silhouette at the bottom.  Anyone else?

But let’s move on from my nitpickery. Sure, we’ve got some special effects and whatnot, but for me it’s alllll about Bryan Cranston’s VOICE. The folks pimping out the giant lizard-dog-lion-eagle were wise in using BCran’s wigged-out and frantic oratory speech as the main attraction–since we don’t see much of the creature. It sure pulled me in. “You’re not fooling ANYONE…!!

I’m pretty sure I’d get carsick if I saw this thing on IMAX.


Oh, and MST3K Nerds? You’re welcome.

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