Glee recap “Silly Love Songs”

I was pleasantly surprised at how good last night’s episode of Glee was.  Some people didn’t like it, but I actually enjoyed it. With the exception of Quinn and Finn, I’ll get to those two later, no one annoyed me. Could it be, Ryan Murphy is letting be Glee be great? Probably not, but hopefully this isn’t a fluke.

For a Valentine’s episode, it wasn’t as corny as it could have been. It was more about how love is overrated and how you should go about telling someone you like them, in the right way. Finn has been feeling himself a bit too much lately. After helping the team win the big game, he’s popular again with the ladies and decides to take advantage of that by setting up a kissing booth to “help” the Glee team reach nationals. Mr. Schue asks his glee clubbers to pick partners to either serenade them with a love song. Most of the club is all boo’ed up, so Santana was not really happy with the assignment.

Puck is in serious like with Lauren, who doesn’t really get why she likes them and even threatens him about his starring and giving her crappy chocolate. Puck likes the thicker girls, and there was that brief affair with Mercedes. Even though he was using her to stay popular at the time, maybe he did really like her. Back to Santana, who swears that she’s just “keeping it real” with her bitchiness, gets bitched out by the club. Rachel tells her that she’ll end up sliding down a pole and Quinn slut shames her. Yes, Santana did need to be called out, but the hypocrisy from Quinn and the later physical beatdown from Lauren were a bit much.

Meanwhile at Dalton, Blaine suggests that his fellow Warblers should sing in public, something they haven’t done since 1927. Kurt agrees, thinking this public display of affection will be  for him when in fact it’s for some random sweater folder at The Gap. It was nice to see Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt at their sleepover in footie pajamas, they are all divas. Mercedes suggests that they all forget about having dates for V-Day and go it alone, because their heroes made it without men in their life.

Puck sings for Lauren, which does not go well for him. Finn’s kissing booth is causing trouble for Sam, who realizes that Quinn likes Finn again. This power couple struggle is getting old, maybe if the threesome involved weren’t so vanilla. Rachel kisses Finn at his booth and tells him that she does still like him and he should forgive her. The two New Directions relationships that don’t suck get their little moment. Mike wonders how him and Artie could be friends even though Artie used to date Tina. After the slushie incident last week, it’s evident that Tina still cares for Artie and Mike is a true friend. How about we focus on this a little bit more. Still desperate for attention, Santana buys herself a present from Jared’s and tries to get Puck to take her out. I think it’s weird that she considers him “her man” even thought they never officially dated. I think they’re trying to make her as pathetic as possible, getting her butt kicked by Lauren. Santana held her own though, but she was the one being pulled away, not Lauren. I think McKinley needs to learn what bullying is.

The Warblers make their way to The Gap where they burst into song in the store. It doesn’t go over well for Jeremiah, who was fired for Blaine’s spectacle. Turns out no one knew the guy was gay, and Blaine is a minor so he was shot down. After Santana finds out about Quinn and Finn’s secret kiss, she decides to purposely get Mono to spread it to them. She got the best line for this episode, “I’ve had Mono so many times it’s turned into stereo.” Basically she’s a walking petri dish. Back at their coffee place, Kurt finally tells Blaine that he likes him. So not only does Blaine have terrible taste in clothing store employees, he’s totally oblivious. Puck hooks up with a married woman with daddy issues, how random. Tina finally gets a solo and breaks down. So now we know what Mike is really doing to her, mmmhmm.  While Finn and Quinn discover their shared mono, she gets a message from the universe, you suck.

In the end, Finn gives Rachel her Christmas present but decides to stay alone. The Warblers sing at Breadstix where it’s hinted that Sam and Santana could hook up next. Spoiler: they totally will. I did miss Sue this episode, but it was nice to see the former Cheerios without their uniforms on. Quinn’s wardrobe sucks, but Brittany is so much cuter in jeans. Emma will be back next week, so we were saved from having to know how Will would deal with a lonely V-Day. I’d like to think he gave Coach Beiste a Valentine. I didn’t hate Rachel, wait….what?!  And thank you for giving me a reason to like Blaine and to completely hate Quinn.

Fat Bottomed Girls” performed by Puck. Well, I think Noah did a great job with the song but his overzealousness got the best of him. Lauren thought it was offensive and it actually made her feel bad about herself. Instead of falling at his feet, she turned him down. Yay for strong girls! Seriously, she could break your neck.

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” performed by Artie and Mike. Well, Artie mostly sang while Mike danced behind him. I love their bromance and respective relationships. I do wish Mike would sing more, I know he’s more than a pair of abs.

When I Get You Alone” performed by Blaine and The Warblers. Oh dear, well he tried. This seems like something Kurt would do actually, but he would have picked a less sexual song. Floppy haired Jeremiah had a right to be embarrassed.

My Funny Valentine” performed by Tina. I thought her breaking down was funny, until it went on a little long. They keep insisting on making Tina a little crazy. But again, I’d breakdown in tears if I got to sit next to Mike Chang everyday.

Firework” I hope Katy Perry didn’t give Glee permission to use all of her songs. Her facials were more in control, and we didn’t get the whole song so that was a plus. When she is toned down, Rachel is actually pretty tolerable.

Silly Love Songs” performed by The Warblers. They got to redeem themselves from The Gap fiasco and the group comes together to support each other. Silly love songs aren’t that bad when they sound this good.

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