Glee Recap – Funeral


The actors on Glee kept teasing that the death on this episode would affect everyone. It affected the characters, sort of, and while there were some good emotional moments, the episode mostly fell flat.

Will hires Jesse as a consultant for the glee club. He humiliated your group and was a spy for your biggest rival, think Will! I know you’re trying to hightail it out of there but now it’s time to put the kids first. Jesse comes up with the idea to hold auditions for the lead solo, nothing could possibly go wrong there. Rachel urges Finn to audition but he doesn’t agree with Jesse being around, and ultimately he knows Rachel will be chosen for the top spot.

Meanwhile, Old Lady Sue is trying to sabotage those meddling kids by rerouting their trip to NYC for Nationals to go through Tripoli. Yes, in Libya. How relevant.

Sue, as evil as she can be sometimes, does have her reasons, as ass backwards as they can be. Becky asks Will if she could join the glee club because Sue kicked her off the Cheerios. Becky, like everyone else, just wants to belong. For those of you who thought that Becky was going to be the big death because they were casting for her mother, that was quickly deflated at the beginning of the episode. When Will asks Sue why she did it, it’s because Becky reminded her too much of her sister Jean, who had died the night before. Sue doesn’t like to show emotion, or weakness in her opinion, which is why she asks for help from the club in her own mean way. Kurt and Finn volunteer to help her gather Jean’s belongings and organize a funeral service. This is a bit much for a bunch of teenagers to take on, as Jesse points out, but it’s Finn’s way of asserting himself to the group and to Rachel. Emma helps Will pack up his vests. Seriously, how many vests does one man need?! He is leaving to join April on tour, but hasn’t told the club yet. We’ll have to wait until the finale for their reaction to the news.

The auditions section of the episode seemed to drag on, although Santana, Mercedes, Kurt and Rachel were all great. Jesse plays Simon Cowell to Will’s Randy Jackson by being a little too critical and playing favorites with Rachel. He tells Kurt that he doesn’t need to be singing songs by women, and calls Mercedes lazy. Yes, let’s call the black girl “lazy”.  Seriously, Ryan Murphy?  The fact that everyone else except Rachel sees how mean and probably crazy Jesse is means we’re going back to needy, naive Rachel. No me gusta. Let’s get rid of Jesse St. Sucks, he’s bringing the team down and would have deserved the beat down Mercedes and Santana were going to give him. At Jean’s funeral, Will reads Sue’s letter to her, another sign that even though they have had many differences, Will does care about Sue.

After the funeral, Finn breaks up with Quinn, not wanting to be tethered to her. I like that Finn is showing a little bit  of depth here. You’re young, why be tied down to one girl?

Sue has Becky rejoin the Cheerios, and showed interest in running for State Senate on Jean’s behalf. If people can overlook how terrible real politicians are, I’m sure Sue would fit right in in Washington.

Wrapping things up in a neat little package, Terry helps Will out by fixing the ticket situation. Honey Badger has left her position in Sue’s League of Doom and will be moving to Miami. Will promises Emma that he’ll be back next year, and Quinn has “big plans” for New York. Whatever those are, let’s hope they don’t involve slapping people.

“Back To Black” sung by Santana. Naya does great with Amy Winehouse songs, and this was no exception. After Rachel complimented her, she attributed her rasp to smoking cigars.

“Some People” sung by Kurt. Of course Kurt would choose something from Gypsy, and show tunes are kind of his thing because he has the voice for them. This whole scene was kind of a throwback to everyone auditioning in the pilot. While Jesse criticized his choice of song, I think Kurt did a damn good job with this one.

“Try A Little Tenderness” sung by Mercedes. “I’m about to go out there and wrap this thing like up like a Christmas present.” That you did Mercedes. Amber is usually given a big Aretha or gospel song to sing, so this was a nice change. She killed it, as she usually does, and I think this was her best performance to date.

“My Man” sung by Rachel. Rachel chose a number from Funny Girl, her favorite movie. Jesse asked if she was thinking of anyone in particular, maybe implying that she should think of him, and while she said no she did think of Finn. Whenever Lea does Barbra, you can bet there will be some dramatic head tilts and shoulder shrugging. She delivered, and was picked to sing lead at Nationals. [Editor’s Note:  Can anyone else smell DivaJulia’s hair that is once again on fire? Seems this is a “sacred Barbra song” to her…and DivaJulia just CAN’T with this crap.]

“Pure Imagination” sung by New Directions. Jesse pointed out that Finn was the worst singer of the guys, and Mike doesn’t even sing, but when they do come together they always sound great. Sue wanted them at Jean’s funeral because she didn’t know a lot of people but having them there would insure a packed house. Pure Imagination was Jean’s favorite song, but it would have been nice to see this connection in another episode, or this one.

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