Emma Stone Lip Syncs For Her Life On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon


I’m pretty sure I didn’t take a single breath while watching the adorably hilarious Emma Stone kick Jimmy Fallon’s ass last night in what is becoming a classic piece of late-night must-see TV.  Jimmy’s Lip Sync Battles are always hilarious. Paul Rudd, anyone?

Emma, though. Could she have found two harder, wordier songs?? I don’t think so.  Watch this and see if you could’ve done better.

Dead. I’m completely DEAD over Emma. Sure, Jimmy is always good. But Blues Traveler’s “Hook” and DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win”?? Ohmygyaaaah. When she pulls out the Ludacris channel? I. Died.

Emma was visiting Jimmy to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which opens May 2nd, but she won my heart with her lip sync skills.

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