Disney Debuts New Trailer for ‘Maleficent’

maleficent woods


Last night was many things, the Grammy Awards being the main one. But screw that for right now, okay?! BECAUSE THE NEW “DREAM” TRAILER FOR DISNEY’S ‘MALEFICENT’ HAS DROPPED AND, SWEET JESUS, QUEEN ANGELINA JOLIE IS APPROPRIATELY SLAYING! I can’t even; I’m covered in so many excitement-induced goosebumps that I resemble a chicken.  This trailer is giving me SO.MUCH.LIFE. when I was only moderately interested before.

‘Maleficent’ looks like it’s going to be an absolute sumptuous feast for the eyes and Angelina in the title role is essentially the stuff of wet dreams. Eeeeeeeeeeeefiawoegnawogawg;aw. This trailer features the song “Once Upon A Dream” as covered by Lana Del Rey. I have…a back and forth relationship with Lana, I’ll admit, but no one can deny that this rendition of the classic song is a perfect fit. Both haunting and sweet, it immediately gets stuck in one’s head and is, thankfully, available for free download on Google Play.

Check out the trailer and try not to jizz!

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