Delicious, Cream-Filled LINKS!


It’s Tuesday LINKS, my Cream-Puffs!


  • This song’s for YOU, Charlie Sheen–and I don’t think the word “WINNING” is in it.  Busy Bee Blogger
  • Katie Holmes is suing STAR Magazine for insinuating drug use. Uh-oh.  Allie is Wired
  • Is Dollface Brit-Brit gonna be on thecover of  that fancy “V” Magazine, y’all?  Poor Britney
  • Cleaning one’s closet is a metaphor for cleaning up your LIFE, people!  Absentminded Oracle
  • Dior’s John GallianoI Love Hitler” video. Have a barf bag nearby.  Celebrity Smack
  • Mariska Hargitay and a bunch of other funny people salute Alec BaldwinI Need My Fix
  • Beyonce` looks bored, but pretty on Holiday. Must be nice.  Mathew Guiver
  • Let’s all meet at The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland!  Hilary Shepherd
  • Let’s say HELLO to Charlie Sheen’s “Goddesses”, shall we?  WizBangPOP!
  • Anne Hathaway and James Franco Hate Each Other Now?  Popbytes

Loves to my Linky Babies! xoxo

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