David Letterman Announces Retirement


Paul Abdul, David Letterman


Last night’s taping of the “Late Show” had a little something different. Namely, the retirement announcement of it’s long-lauded host! David Letterman, a television personality and late night-host since 1978 on , began to helm the CBS’ “Late Show” in the early 90s and apparently feels the time has come to exit stage left. But not to panic! In his address of the matter, Dave stated, “We don’t have the timetable precisely down,” though he intimates his reign will wrap up sometime during the 2015 season. Pretty decent buffer that I’m sure all “Late Show” fans appreciate.


While I think it will be somewhat sad to not see Letterman anywhere on my TV — I pretty much grew up with him in the background — I think he’s doing the right thing by ending on a high note. Late-night programming is doing what it’s wont to do i.e. being taken over by a younger, “hipper” generation; kudos to David for leaving before he’s pushed out and on his own terms. For now, it’s a Jimmy Fallon world.


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