David and Victoria Beckham are FINALLY Getting a PINK One! (A GIRL, That Is!) *VIDEO UPDATE*

"Dyveeed and Veeektorya" for the fragrance "Intimately Yours". HOT.

Now, I’m not saying that the Beckhams might have done a little petri dish hokus pokus to finally get a pink one.  I’m NOT.  All I know is that on the other side of my boys’ family, the MEN IN THE FAMILY HAVE BABY BOYS.  Not a single girl out of 8000 grandkids in that family.  (Give or take.)  I’m just…sayin’, and (say it with meh!) I’m just tellin’ ya what I heard!

Poor Victoria looks like she's gonna barf on Romeo's head. MORNING SICKNESS, y'all! Bleh.

I am personally looking forward to hearing David say the word “girl“.   Let’s see if I can spell it phonetically…”ghehh-ohh“.  Annette? Is that about right? (Believe me, my darling Annette does NOT have an English accent like the Beckhams, I just think she can analyze my ridiculousness from across the Pond.)

And guess what?  I can’t WAIT to see this baby.  She’ll be well-behaved in public (and that’s what really matters, after all) unlike a certain tantrum-throwing binky-sucking Stinkfoot who sets my hair aflame with her antics.

WHAT will the Beckhams name this “ghehh-ohh“?  I really do love all of the names of their boys…Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, Romeo James Beckham, Cruz David BeckhamRomeo is my favorite, but goodnesss that’s a lot to live up to in a name, isn’t it?

Lest we forget, David and Victoria have indeed been invited to the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.  I am as excited to see what Posh wears almost as much as seeing Kate’s wedding dress.  Almost.


GAAAAH!  “Freee boys”  and a “ghehh-ohh“!! WATCH THE VIDEO!

10 Responses to David and Victoria Beckham are FINALLY Getting a PINK One! (A GIRL, That Is!) *VIDEO UPDATE*

  1. Hahaha!! Yes – he’ll say “ghehh-ohh” with his oh so not sexy voice! You’re hilarious! Can you imagine Victoria as a mother? Just THINK of her side eye snippy look – terrifying! And of COURSE the rich & famous are choosing the sex of their kids. They go at it like they’re in a pick ‘n mix sweet/candy shop/store. But will any of them admit it? Nooooooo.

    • YAY! I got it right! And I love Dyveeed’s accent. Yes…it’s just “odd” that JLo, Mariah and the like have all gotten twins–one of each, isn’t it? Come ON.

      xoxo j

  2. […] We recently wrote that Victoria Beckham, another fashion figure that found success in the industry on her own terms, was pregnant, and it's just been announced that three boys into childbearing, Posh and Becks are having a girl. Because Victoria and David Beckham made absurd choices when it came to christening their three sons (Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, Romeo James Beckham, and Cruz David Beckham) there's been plenty of speculation regarding the future name of the celeb couple's first daughter. Following past trends, I'm guessing this lucky baby's middle name will be Victoria, and her first name will be ultra-feminine and dramatic, possibly a reference to an iconic work of art. Everyone who reads these words owes me $5 if the newest Beckham is named Ophelia. A less likely but more awesome possibility? Just as David and Victoria named their son Brooklyn in an homage to a romantic late-night walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, maybe this time they'll take a stroll across the Queensboro and title their daughter Queen Victoria Beckham. [DippedInCream] […]