Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight Video HERE

Naughty girl

Did it live up to the hype? I feel so jaded. Nothing shocks me anymore in music videos.

I tell ya what, though. There were so many “homage” moments: Madonna’s “Express Yourself Video”–complete with monocle, licking out of the cat’s dish, Gaga’s latex, and hey…George Michael’s  flaming clothes in the closet.   Hmmm.

6 Responses to Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight Video HERE

  1. Wait, didn’t Madonna already go through this phase? I’m now renaming this the Madonna black latex girlie smooching mid-30’s phase. I’m also thankful that I’m 40 and would look horrid in black latex.

  2. I feel like it’s a Lady GaGa inspired new phase.. Only its different, because GaGa is only crazy, and it’s awesome. But Christina? I think she needs a Sexaholic’s Anonymous intervention, and maybe someone to check exactly what type of drugs she’s doing… I think it’s that stuff from the Lady GaGa videos, but instead of her dying, she just got into bondage.

  3. Hannie, it seems like a mix between, Express yourself, and Human Nature. And I’m with Julia…. i must be jaded. I found the video boring

  4. OMG, didn’t someone just say that there was some discussion about Akon saying something about Christina imitating Gaga? I think there was some drama about that and I was like yea, whatever. I still saw the Madonna reference in there but it was hard to see where exactly she sounded like Gaga except for the canned dance track behind her. It was like no, no girl, it’s not your genre anymore. Remember your last album? You know, the one where your voice really shined in both CD’s? You? Gaga? Madonna? Just say no. (Sorry Julia, I’m really feeling opinionated today on this. My retinas are still trying to recover too. I thought the J-Lo studio tape was bad. No, music news just gets worse daily.)