Christina Aguilera and Her Back Fat Need to Shut UP

Quite possible my favorite photo of Xtina EVER.


Dipped in Cream’s Angel Straight From Heaven, Brittani, already wrote last night’s recap of The Voice, but I need to add my 2 cents about one topic in particular–Bitchtina Backfatguilera’s Piss-Poor Attitude.  (Feel free to use that as the title of your next crappy cd, Xtina.  You just better PAY this bony-assed bitch for the suggestion.)

What the GOTdamnhell is wrong with this alcohol-bloated mess?  Oh, believe me, I have a crap-ton of examples as to why this hot tranny mess is so mean, and I plan on giving you a few to ponder.

    • Xtina pretended not to know who Tony Vincent’s name during a critique of his final performance a few weeks ago: “Tony? That’s your name, right?”  Yeah. Nice one.  Clearly she hates the name Tony.
    • I believe Backfatguilera had in OUT for Tony Lucca from the git-go.  She truly pretended not to remember him from a very pivotal time in her life–The Mickey Mouse Club.  Remember when she ran back to tell him “Britney had the biggest crush on you!”–I call bullshit on that one. I’d be willing to wager that Xtina was the one who was enamored; and possibly rejected.
    • Backfatguilera was caught by the camera checking out her FINGERNAILS during Tony Lucca’s tribute to Adam Levine, complete with pursed lips.
    • Last night was ALL ABOUT Xtina being sick…every single time she bitched and moaned spoke, she felt the need to remind everyone.  She should’ve warned us about the back view of her dress.  Somewhere in the greater Los Angeles area a shallow grave has been dug and a certain stylist has gone “missing”.*

I could go on and on…but really?  Why should I when I can just keep writing “Bitchtina Backfatguilera ” over and over again?

*Thanks for that line, Patrick.

See you next Tuesday, Backfatguilera ™.   (Oh, wait…it IS Tuesday.)

20 Responses to Christina Aguilera and Her Back Fat Need to Shut UP

    • GG–You should SEE the shit-talk on Twitter. My contribution: DivaJulia: I’m a Costco Tub of Crisco baby, come, come, come on in, let me out. (See you all in hell.)

  1. I have just found one of my favorite bloggers – This was “entertainingly” awesome! Your writing techniques are the shit!

  2. Only because we won’t have to deal with her in anyway am i happy the season is over.
    I had this horrible fear that I was the only person who saw that last night-and threw up a little in my mouth. I see I’m not the only one was scarred. I mean scared.

  3. I can see u dislike her and it could be that she’s not a size 2 yet she makes the bucks! Can it be that your jealous? Tony Lucca is a good singer , but i wouldn’t run out to go buy a cd yet if julliet comes out with one that’s another story. I ask myself is this blog in defense of Tony or just the green monter coming out in you?

    • I agree 100% that Juliet should have won. I have many a green monsters, but not for Xtina. She’s rude, ill-mannered and seems to have very poor breeding if she treats contestants as horribly as she did Tony. I felt badly for his entire family. I don’t go out of my way to call people out on their weight. I admit it–what I said was out of spite for her treatment of Tony and Adam. I could care LESS what size she’s wearing…it would be lovely, though, if she got a stylist who helped her “appear” to be elegant. Sadly, her own bitter demeanor comes shining though, loud and clear.

      One more thing: No one…and I mean NO ONE has ever sung “It’s a Man’s World” better than Christina Aguilera. It’s troubling to see her spiral downward the way she has, particularly during the second season of The Voice. I do appreciate that you took a moment to comment. Most bloggers do NOT respond to comments–some don’t even ALLOW them. That’s where I’m different. Thank you again, Julia

  4. What is wrong with you? Please help me understand why so many people are hating on Christina Aguilera…if you don’t like her, that’s fine. Everyone has their own opinion. But to go out of your way to viciously attack her is disgusting. This is BULLYING. But at the end of the day, you people continue to sit in front of a computer wallowing in your pathetic lives and she will continue to make millions of dollars a year.

    • Bullying? Really? I’m calling out a woman who clearly had it out for a contestant–in a quite obvious and rude manner. TEXTING during Tony’s performance merely showed Xtina’s disdain publicly. And at the end of MY NON-PATHETIC life, I can sleep at night. I don’t know how Xtina manages. Oh, that’s right. Vodka.

  5. Someone’s bitter and has nothing more to comment about her except for her looks and style… And calling her a tranny? How disgusting is that? May I remind everyone here that a lot of people thought Tony Vincent was a complete gayer before it was revealed he was in fact straight? So he needs to cut the camp, drama queen bitching and act like a man by stopping this childish tirade on a woman for her looks and for speaking her mind! If she doesn’t like someone, why the hell should she have to pretend she does?! And you say you’re a “bony-assed bitch”? That’s not a nice mental image… You could be snapped in two with one smack in the gut, so watch what you go around saying to people!

    • I just adore the way you think it’s fantastic for Xtina to “speak her mind”, but anyone who comments on her rude behavior isn’t allowed the same luxury. And what’s up with calling Tony Vincent a “bitching drama queen”? My goodness. Seems you have quite the double standard. And was that a physical threat you just wrote? Don’t you realize I have a tracker and know exactly who and where you are?

      • I wasn’t threatening that I’d go anywhere near you, but I was talking about in general, calling people such cruel names. And I don’t even live in the same country as you so trying to do anything would be pointless… And besides, my main disgust here is with you calling her a tranny! And you’re just a typical “former model” – bitter, superficial and just as bitchy as you believe Christina to be.

        • Since you don’t live in this country, perhaps you should brush up on your English a bit? I believe it was YOU who continually called me a CUNT on Twitter — and you’re offended by the “backfat” remark? Also–look up the words IRONY and SATIRE and see if you can comprehend the definitions.

  6. You’re a horrible, hateful, disgusting person! But I’m guessing you already know that, since you have this sorry excuse of a cheap gossip blog!

    • Well, “PERSON”, I think YOU’RE a lovely, generous person for taking a moment to comment. Love you! p.s. You might want to recognize that I have a tracker that shows me your IP address, city/state and a whole lot of other information. Love you anyway for taking the time to write. xoxo ~j

      • This person basically stated their opinion of you, which I agree with. What could a tracker do about that? Arrest them for saying it? It’s not like they told you kill yourself, is it? Fucking drama queen.

  7. Wow mention back fat and you get tons of comments…..hhmmmm you might be on to something here Julia! Good grief people are crazy all this world aren’t they?!