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‘The X Factor’ Is Back, And Not All That Better Than Before

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The US version of ‘The X Factor’ returned to FOX on Wednesday with little fanfare. I was surprised to learn that it would be debuting so early in the Fall season, perhaps this was the networks way of competing with NBC‘s ‘The Voice.’ The premiere featured more of the same. Over produced shots of the crowds, Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato trading unfunny barbs. Why is this show so bad, and why do I keep watching?!

My biggest issue with the show is that it is unnecessarily fake. Take a moment during Thursday night’s airing when a smarmy singer by the name of Jorge Pena whose day job is running an ice cream truck, tells a girl that he is a contestant on the show. She replies with a lazy “cool” and I wondered if they couldn’t have gotten someone who could have said “cool” a bit more convincingly. Jorge goes on to annoy Demi by calling her “woman” and just being an all out jerk. I’m sure that part was real, but for some reason he makes it through. There was another cavalcade of goobers lacking self awareness, one of whom got Simon to “sing,” if that’s what you can call it. Though X Factor is only in it’s third season, I feel like we should have moved past the “look at this awful person be awful” part of these things.

There were a couple of highlights to kick off the new season. 13-year old Rion Paige wowed the judges with her rendition of Carrie Underwood‘s “Blown Away,” a very hard song to sing. Rion was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a condition that caused her joints to curve at her hands. Even with her disability, she never let that stop her from pursuing her love of singing. She had such a bubbly personality, so I hope she does well in the competition.

The duo of Alex & Sierra had “YouTube sensation” written all over them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if hokey version of Britney Spear‘s “Toxic” they did wasn’t done by someone else first. (Melanie Martinez from The Voice, anyone??) 

Alex & Sierra got four yeses anyways, as did Lillie McCloud who did NOT look like a 54 year-old mother of three with seven grandkids. She was dressed like Foxy Brown, but sang “Alabaster Box” by Cece Winans. She has competition from Denise Weeks, 41, a subway singer who had a little trouble with “The Greatest Love of All.” Chalk it up to nerves. Whoever gets the Adults this year, I hope they treat Lillie and Denise well.

The show does benefit slightly from having dropped one host, the awkward Khloe Kardashian, and gained two new judges. Kelly Rowland is cute and there are times when I can’t tell Demi from Paulina Rubio, but they are a huge improvement from L.A. Reid‘s shiny lips and Britney Spears‘ inability to emote. I don’t have high hopes for this new season, but I’m a glutton for punishment, and X Factor is like bad food you got for free. It’s not good, but you eat it anyways.

‘The X Factor’ Finale – Who Won?


Thank God, or maybe Satan, this thing is done with. Although it seemed like there was a clear winner from the get go, there was an upset that I’m sure pleased many, but the whole show left us viewers scratching our heads.

Simon Cowell arrived to the finale in a Rolls Royce, because he’s Simon Cowell. I don’t remember there being a whole red carpet re-show last year, and they could do without it for next season. The three finalist then exit their big ass SUVs while singing “All You Need Is Love” in the corniest thing to ever be put on television. I may or may no the exaggerating. This show is so terrible to it’s contestants.

Along the way they stop and schmooze with past contestants, all dressed in white because CHRISTMAS! I also don’t remember the contestants beating us over the head with Xmas songs last finale either, but there was Tate Stevens joined by dancing presents for “Please Come Home For Christmas.” Fifth Harmony sand “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) on a carousel with candy cane microphones. Carly Rose Sonenclar had the cutest setup with breakdancing to soldiers during Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” 

Did I mention that I hate the word Christmas now?


After all the winter wonderland performances, and montages of Simon being a Grinch and Britney’s weird faces, one act was sent home. Fifth Harmony ended their run, but not without some tears and a butchered whistle note. I like these girls, and again I think they are the only act that had really progressed over the course of the show, both Tate and Carly were good from the beginning.

It sucks that Simon spent so much time on those douchebuckets in Emblem3 when he should have been focused on these lovely ladies. I hope they decide to stick together, but speaking of Simon’s creations, One Direction. I still don’t get the obsession with these boys, and honestly they’re not being marketed towards me anyways so I guess that doesn’t matter.

Then there was Pitbull, again! I feel like he packs up his dancers into a big van and just roams the country, shouting “dale” to anyone who will listen. I just turned Pitbull into the Ikea monkey.

Moving on…

For their duet, Carly and Tate sing “The Climb,” and as noted by one tweeter it was good for them to highlight the journey they’ve taken rather than the win. There was a montage of how bratty Demi Lovato is, trading barbs with Simon and even spitting mints into his hand. I’m glad I missed that the first time around. After another change of dress for Khloe Kardashian, it’s time for the results.

Tate Stevens?


Tate and Carly walk back out onto the stage with their mentors and the winner is…. Tate Stevens! Which is cool, I guess. Carly still has plenty of time to be out there, but she sure had a lot of people rooting for her, including myself.

We’ll, reluctantly, be back for Season 3. I wonder if half the judges and one of the hosts will?

Your ‘X Factor’ Top 3 Are? We Have Bruno Mars’ Performance!

It’s been a long, sometimes baffling journey, but ‘The X Factor’ is only one more show away from crowning it’s winner. Even though it’s clear to me, and viewers with good hearing, who should win, i’m sure it will come down to the older Country guy and the cute teen.


Bruno Mars turned out another awesome performance of his hit “Locked Out Of Heaven,” we always love watching him and his band get down. Disney Channel‘s Bridgit Mendler sang her song “Ready Or Not” which is pretty catchy, but homegirl is stiffer than a starched shirt.

On to the results, Fifth Harmony learned they were the first act to go on to the finals, which surprised judge Britney Spears into making the “WHAT ????”-face of the night. Poor Carly Rose Sonenclar looked so nervous as she stood on stage waiting to hear her name be called. Even if she has been coming in second in the rankings the past couple of weeks, she goes on to the finals along with Tate Stevens, which thankfully means we won’t be hearing more from Emblem3. There are rumors that Simon Cowell is ready to sign them to a deal, but what about Fifth Harmony who, unlike most of the contestants this season have actually progressed and gotten better as performers.

So what do you think of the Top 3? Is the winner obvious or could there be an upset?