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Who’s THAT Bitch? 12-12-12 Edition


Holy Lord. Who in Paul McCartney-is-filling-in-for-Kurt Cobain-hell is THAT?  (More about that travesty later. I promise you.)

Seriously though.  Whose skinny mustached-ass (ew) is getting arrested up there?  Oh, it’s none other than Matthew McConaughey werqin’ it so that HE can be the number one Oscar Campaigner next year.  MM and Jared Leto Jordan Catalano are both starving themselves for the sake of Their Craft for the upcoming film The Dallas Buyers Club.  Boys?  That’s so 90’s of you.  You didn’t see Mike Myers piling on the weight for Shrek. 



(Ben Affleck will deliver the sadness personally tMatthew and soon we’ll be seeing him begging for food for himself and those hungry kids.)

Jesus H. I’m crabby today.  See what Paul McCartney does to me??


Who’s THAT Bitch?

Has Fiona Apple started eating like a normal person?  Is she dressing up like a crazy-ass swan now?

Wait.  Has Megan Fox given birth already and is now trying on her Fiona Apple Halloween costume?  Seriously.  Did she? Or, did they? I’m so confused.

W Magazine

Oh.  Those fuchsia upper-case letters up there SAY it’s Jennifer Lawrence.  Oh.  Huh.

The hell??

Who’s THAT Bitch? Times TWO!

And next we have…


I’ve been a little hard on this person in the past, for only one reason…and it’s a silly reason, quite honestly.  I’ve come to recognize the talent and ability to transform themselves; much like someone else I adore.