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President Obama Takes Jabs At The Media at The White House Correspondents’ Dinner (AKA ‘Nerd Prom’)


The 100th Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a.k.a. the Nerd Prom, was held in D.C. on Saturday night. Celebrities mixed with journalists at the annual gala, which honors current and future members of the press corp. President Barack Obama took to the podium to poke fun at himself, and get in some digs at the media. CNN was a favorite target, not just for him, but for comedian Joel McHale, who served as the dinner’s main performer, as well. His best joke was probably “Republicans are giving Boehner a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the new black.” You can check out his whole routine below.

Another highlight of the dinner was the video that featured Julia Louis-Dreyfus as her ‘Veep‘ character Selina Meyer having some fun around the Capitol with actual Vice President Joe Biden. The two get tatted up with Nancy Pelosi and eat ice cream with Michelle Obama, who looked gorgeous in Marchesa by the way. I’d love to ride around D.C. with Uncle Joe in a yellow Corvette, I mean, who wouldn’t?

We should have some juicy strories tomorrow when ALLLLL the tea is spilled. Stay tuned, y’all. This is gonna be GOOD.

Unseen Footage of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi Commercial Accident


Can someone–anyone–please tell me why we haven’t seen this footage of the extent of Michael’s horrific injuries that he suffered while filming that infamous Pepsi ad in 1984? Good GOD, this is just shameful. The public was led to believe Michael’s scalp injuries were really not that big of a deal. So when he blamed his dependence on pain killers on the burn incident, most people were skeptical (including myself). He announced his addiction to painkillers during that sad (and creepy) video he made proclaiming his innocence after being accused of molesting a young boy; you know, the one where he wore that red shirt and fake eyelashes? Yeah. That one.

ANYWAY. What. The. Hell?? You can actually see his burning scalp. It’s painful to watch. Michael suffered third degree burns on his head, scalp and part of his body during this accident. This moment was the beginning of the end for Michael, if you ask me. After enduring surgery after surgery, skin-grafts and constant pain, no wonder he was addicted to painkillers.

Michael sued the effects company for the accident and donated the money he won to a burn center at a Los Angeles hospital:

“On Jan. 27, 1984, Jackson suffered second and third degree burns to his scalp after pyrotechnics accidentally set his hair on fire, while filming a Pepsi Cola commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. PepsiCo settled the lawsuit out of court, and Jackson gave his $1.5 million settlement to the “Michael Jackson Burn Center” at the Brotman Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles.” That $1.5 million figure is nothing, given what Michael went through..AND he donated the money.

I simply cannot believe this video is just now coming out.

Combine this situation with all that Michael Jackson had to suffer through during his life (an abusive father, seemingly false accusations of molestation, the myriad of leeches on his payroll, family handouts…the list goes ON), I think those three children were the only light he had in his life.

I’m sure there are many people, specifically DOCTORS, who are shaking in their boots, and rightly so.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Nuts and Desperate and 30

“Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE”

Isn’t this an odd way to celebrate a 30th birthday? I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt is a real fan of Audrey Hepburn!! I know she played her in that lame-ass TV movie, but that was years ago. Obsessed much?

Here the actress is celebrating her birthday Saturday morning visiting and having breakfast at the Tiffany & Co. store in Beverly Hills. She appears to be alone. She and her fiance` broke up a few weeks ago, so I guess she and Paris Hilton are both wearing outfits out of the Dress Up Chest. (See post below re: StupidParisHilton, k?)

What is WRONG with J.Love? Weirdo.