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Scientology Investigative Writers Tony Ortega and Mark Ebner Discuss Current Hearings, Forced Abortions, Child Slavery Within ‘Church’

Tony Ortega (l) and Mark Ebner (r)

Tony Ortega (l) and Mark Ebner (r)


Photo: MediaMayhem

What we have for your recommended viewing displeasure is the next in a series on Media Mayhem profiling the pure evils of the Cult Church of Scientology.



Most of you I’m sure, are familiar with investigative authors and journalists,  Tony Ortega and Mark Ebner’s outspoken, in-depth and horrifying research about what goes on behind the locked doors of that big, scary, blue building in Los Angeles., the desert compound, (“WHERE IS SHELLY MISCAVIGE?“), or in Clearwater, Florida.  The latest video is completely worth your time, consideration and a real thought process about what is being ignored and swept under the rug for years.

If only Leah Remini would sit down and write a true crime story about her ordeal with COS.  I could recommend two writers who would be more than happy to assist.



Another must-watch video is former-Scientologist,  Karen de la Carriere has some amazing videos on YouTube.  We’ve got one for you…I guarantee you’ll go back for more.


Let’s go back to Shelly Miscavige for just a moment.



Leah’s public departure from the Church focused a giant spotlight on Shelly Miscavige’s disappearance. The Church of Scientology is notorious for imprisoning its own members in order to make them disappear.

Even L. Ron Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue — who co-founded the Church of Scientology with her husband — was kept as a virtual prisoner under guard in her own home during the last years of her life.

FACT: If you go to any official Church of Scientology website you will not see the name or picture of either Mary Sue Hubbard or Shelly Miscavige. These two women are among the “Disappeared Ones” in the Church of Scientology. 

Despite the Church of Scientology’s attacks on former members who have weighed in on this issue, the Church has still failed to address the question: Where is Shelly Miscavige?

Shelly has not been seen in public for many years. Rumors are that her husband locked away his wife at a secret location. Allegations persist that Church leader David Miscavige is having an extramarital affair with a staff member named Laurisse Stuckenbrock.




Remember when TIME MAGAZINE called out Scientology “A Cult of Greed” and “A Scam“?? I think you really need to follow this link to further your own  investigation.  We have a short excerpt form the TIME Magazine piece:

via Richard Behar for

“By all appearances, Noah Lottick of Kingston, Pa., had been a normal, happy 24-year-old who was looking for his place in the world. On the day last June when his parents drove to New York City to obtain his body, they were nearly catatonic with grief.

This young Russian-studies scholar had jumped from a 10th-floor window of the Milford Plaza Hotel and bounced off the hood of a stretch limousine. When the police arrived, his fingers were still clutching $171 in cash, virtually the only money he hadn’t turned over to the Church of Scientology, the self-help “philosophy” group he had discovered just seven months earlier.

His death inspired his father Edward, a physician, to start his own investigation of the church. “We thought Scientology was something like Dale Carnegie,” Lottick says. “I now believe it’s a school for psychopaths.” Their so-called therapies are manipulations. They take the best and the brightest people and destroy them.” The Lotticks want to sue the church for contributing to their son’s death, but the prospect has them frightened. For nearly 40 years, the big business of Scientology has shielded itself exquisitely behind the First Amendment as well as a battery of high-priced criminal lawyers and shady private detectives.”

I suggest you read the article in its entirety. You won’t like it, but you’ll come away from all of this information feeling more enlightened on the subject of Scientology.  In reality, I hope you’re alarmed, frightened and sickened by what these people are capable of doing.

We will continue to provide more videos, courtesy of Mark Ebder, Media Mayhem and TheLipTV.

The Voice Results – A Shocking Elimination


There was something that I realized on Monday night about ‘The Voice’ this season that made me a little mad. I’ll get to that in a bit, because this results show was jam packed with performances. Sheryl Crow performed with Team Blake on her song “Who Needs Mexico,” a nice, summery song, but it’s no “My Favorite Mistake.”

The first of the duets was between Michelle Chamuel and Judith Hill, singing Calvin Harris and Florence Welch‘s “Sweet Nothing.” I thought they both sounded great here and they didn’t drown each other out. We also learned that Michelle was the first saved artist of the night, which made me worry about Judith.

I said I wanted one of the R&B girls to do something with one of the Country artists, and the show delivered. Sasha Allen joined The Swon Brothers for Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson‘s “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” This proves how versatile Sasha is, and she got in some really great notes. The brothers also kept their harmonies tight. The next saved singer was Danielle Bradbery.

Then Danielle teamed up with Sarah Simmons for Christina Perri‘s “A Thousand Years.” I can’t say that I enjoyed this, though they both sounded pretty good. Sarah was a bit pitchy, and they just didn’t seem to connect at all.

The next contestant to be saved is Sasha, which surprised her coach Shakira. She jumped for joy, hugging her and Usher, who also got to keep his one team member. That meant Adam Levine and Blake Shelton would be saying goodbye to one of their faves.

The last of the duets was between Holly Tucker and Amber Carrington with “Does He Love You” by Reba McEntire and Linda Davis. Here I realized that Holly and Amber are kind of the same person, and I wouldn’t mind if one of them went home, even though they are both good singers. The next artists saved are The Swon Brothers.

That left Amber, Holly, Judith and Sarah left on the chopping block and I was not happy. Judith had to be safe, right? After that killer performance from Monday night, and the fact that she’s been kicking ass all season, she had to be! Well, she wasn’t. Along with Sarah, she was kicked off. I was seriously shocked.

Again, Amber and Holly are great, but they tend to do the same thing, at least Judith was taking chances. Like Julia, I’m totally on Team Usher, and Team Shakira, but I couldn’t help but be annoyed at how Country is dominating this season. I know Blake and Adam are the veteran coaches, but you can’t tell me that their contestants, with the exception of Sasha, are really worthy of winning this year. I’m not going to say the show is rigged, this ain’t ‘American Idol,’ but WTF is going on?

I’m not even going to ask if the right people went home because they didn’t so there! I’m just…really emotional. Excuse me.

[Ed. Note: I am 100% with Brittani on this bullshit. How many little blonde country girls does The Voice need? Middle America pisses me right off. I predict Blake’s little teenager will win. See? I can’t even remember her name. Oh, and rumor has it that Adam muttered something to the effect of ,”I hate this country“.  I’m assuming he means the over-abundance of white, blonde country music in this season’s competition. – DivaJulia]

Who Got Sent Home on ‘The Voice?’


The results show kicked off with a performance by Jessie J, who happens to be on of the coaches on the UK version of the show, singing her hit “Domino” with Team Christina. I think they did a much better job with her than Team Adam did with Gym Class Heroes last week. Adam’s team learned who would go through first, Mathai, Pip and Tony Lucca got the most votes, leaving Kim Yarbrough, Katrina Parker and Karla Davis to sing again for a spot in the next rounds.

Kim went with another obvious choice, Jennifer Hudson‘s “Spotlight.” Can’t fault her for tackling the big songs. Karla sand “I Can’t Make You Love Me” which was kind of boring, and a little shaky, especially at the end. Katrina made an excellent choice with No Doubt‘s “Don’t Speak.” I’m sure the singers pick out their swan songs beforehand, but do they have to be so literal? I was disappointed to see that Katrina hadn’t gotten enough votes to automatically go through, she had one of the best performances from Adam’s team. Although Kim has a big, soulful voice, I think Adam knew he could do more with Katrina, so he picked her.

Tony Vincent

Things were a lot more dramatic for Team Cee Lo. Of course Jamar Rogers and James Manssone got through, as well as Juliet Simms. Juliet isn’t an absolute favorite with me, yet, but I really do like her style. Tony Vincent got to sing first with “Sweet Dreams.” Maybe it would have been better for him to do the Marilyn Manson cover of this song. Cheesa sang “All By Myself,” quite well actually, and then there was Erin Martin butchering “Your Song.” Seriously, yikes. This really didn’t seem like that hard of a choice to make, but it was dragged out so that each coach could make their statements. Adam made the point that it sucks when the singers wait until that moment to really give their best performances. Surprisingly, Cee Lo picks Cheesa.

That means we have to say goodbye to Tony. Au revoir, our Bald Headed Beautiful Prince. It’s getting down to the wire, and more singers will get cut until we find the one with The Voice. Until next week!