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Bruno Mars Rocks The Super Bowl With Red Hot Chili Peppers

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The Super Bowl itself was super boring*, but at least we got a break from the ass whooping the Seahawks laid down on the Broncos for a couple of minutes to watch Bruno Mars rock MetLife Stadium. Mars and his band lit up the stage, literally and performed his hits “Locked Out Of Heaven,” Treasure” and “Runaway Baby.”  The later provided a nice transition into “Give It Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Anthony Kiedis and Flea braved the 40 degree weather to perform shirtless, but all excitement and jumping around probably kept them warm. Bruno ended the performance with a touching rendition of “Just The Way You Are” that also paid tribute to our men and women in uniform. I know people weren’t sure he could pull it off, but I think Mars and his band did an excellent job, in custom Saint Laurent suits no less.


[Ed. Note: It should be noted that DivaJulia, a proud resident of Seattle, did NOT think the game was “boring”. 12th Man, yo. NOW can we get some respect up in this city??]

Bruno Mars Lands Halftime Show For 2014 Super Bowl

Bruno Mars

One of DiC‘s favorites, Bruno Mars, was confirmed to be the Halftime act for Super Bowl XLVIII. The big game will be held on Feb 2nd at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for the first time ever. The news was announced during the Fox NFL Sunday broadcast where Mars and his band joined the commentators to celebrate his big gig.

While fans were happy to hear the news, of course there were detractors who didn’t think he was the right performer to go with. Seeing as how the Super Bowl is being held in New Jersey for the first time, many felt that they should have gone with a hometown act like Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi. After the stellar, and flashy, performances from Madonna and Beyonce earlier this year, folks expected another pop singer to get the job.

For anyone who has any doubts that Bruno won’t be able to rock a crowd of that size for 9 minutes, he is currently on a sold out tour, and we can point to many a showstopping performance from this year’s awards shows alone. He has five months to prepare and we’re sure he’ll deliver. In the meantime, check out this Pepsi video featuring a clip of him dressed as Elvis!

The 2013 ‘Sistah’ Bowl


Even though a bunch of relatively (depending on your tastes) good looking men took to the field to fight for the Super Bowl trophy, the event was really dominated by a couple of beautiful, talented women.

Before the coin toss, Alicia Keys sang a slow piano version of The National Anthem, yes, live. Personally, I thought she did a good job of making the song her own, and we all know that it’s not the easiest song to sing.

Jennifer Hudson sang “America The Beautiful” accompanied by students from Sandy Hook Elementary choir. I think the unfortunate violent  connection that JHud shared with these children made this performance very beautiful and moving.

Of course everyone was waiting for the big Halftime show featuring Beyonce and the return of Destiny’s Child. I could talk about a lot of the things that happened during this performance, and the aftermath on Twitter, but I’m just going to enjoy the fact that all of this happened.


Bonus Jay-Z hugging his wife backstage after her performance!!