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Anne Hathaway Marries Adam Shulman – First Photos!


Anne Hathaway is officially married, as confirmed by People. The actress married Adam Schulman in a ceremony in Big Sur, California. This was the site of Natalie Portman‘s wedding back in August, but we suspect that Anne’s nuptials weren’t as granola.


More than 100 guests were attendance for the weekend wedding held at a private estate. Hathaway wore a custom gown designed by her friend Valentino.


Reportedly, Yifat Oren was the wedding planner, who also organized Portman’s wedding. The wedding décor was inspired by nature, with many branches used to create a ceremony and reception to blend in with the majestic Big Sur surroundings, a source told People.

Shulman, 31, an actor and jewelry designer proposed to Hathaway, 29, last November after three years of dating.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts Career On Hold for Personal Reasons. Oh, okay.

Nice "sad-face", A-Hole.

That photo up there?  You see it?  Yeah, it could be the best piece of acting Arnold has ever done in his career.  It’s the old “I’m sorry I got CAUGHT“-face.  (Unless we count all the times he cheated on Maria, then it’s a toss-up.)

Ack.  My head hurts and the last a-hole I feel like writing about is Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Seriously? He has to make an official announcement that he’s putting his career on hold for awhile?  Huh?  You don’t say! Are you SURE?  I don’t know…it doesn’t add up. (Thank you, Daniel Tosh for that last line.)

All I know is that there is an entire family directly involved in this pile of crap (and a kid who’s in for a lot of unwanted attention, I’ll bet) who are all going to suffer hard for this big goon’s “transgressions”. Yeah, THANKS, Tiger Woods, for that word.  Oddly enough though, having numerous extra-marital affairs and having a kid or three (just wait, you guys…there will be more), doesn’t a “transgression” make.  I’d say it’s a more like a nuclear disaster on the home-front, but that’s just ME.

Thank goodness, our boys at South Park can at least make us smile a little bit. Oh, Matt and Trey.  It’s never “too soon” as far as you’re concerned, is it?

Almost makes me miss the Trainwreck Named Charlie Sheen. Not really.

Tom Cruise – Scouting for Locations (psssshh) in Prague for “Mission Impossible IV”

Tommy Girl is filming in Prague

Oh, you heard me correctly.  It’s being reported that Tom Cruise is “scouting for locations” in Prague for the Mission Impossible IV.  Seriously?  Aren’t there folks who are hired to do that job for the shoot?   I find it hard to believe that Tom would actually be the dude to negotiate fees with property or land owners for the ability to shoot the film at that particular location.  Come ON.

"Hey! I'm taller than you! STAY DOWN THERE!" - Tom Cruise, standing a step up from most everyone else in Prague.

I hear-tell that Cruise-y is going to do his own stunts (as usual), which includes scaling the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, which is located in Dubai.

The Tallest Building in the World - Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.

I’m assuming Tom be wearing his lifts while pretending to be Spider-Tology-man, if you will.   The lifts could either be a help or a hindrance; I’m unclear on the subject.

Jason Statham? Yes, please.

All I know is, I’d much rather see Jason Statham “doing his own stunts“…like changing his shirt, thankyouverymuch.

Where are Suri and Kate?  Oh. Wait.  Suri is probably meeting with Christian Louboutin to discuss her line of toddler stilettos for next season’s Fashion Week.  Bleh.