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‘The Voice’ Eliminations – Who Made The Top 5?

The Voice - Season 5

Photo: NBC/The Voice

The 6 remaining singers on ‘The Voice’ gave it their all with two performances on Monday night, but one had to go home. The last of the Instant Saves was used, and the show finally realized that the whole left side of the country wanted to participate as well.

Before we got the eliminations, Kelly Clarkson performed “Underneath The Tree” from her new Christmas album ‘Wrapped In Red.’ She also talked about her pregnancy and announced that her Christmas special will air on NBC next week. Cole VosburyWill Champlin and James Wolpert were joined onstage by guitarist Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme to perform their hit “More Than Words.” 


The other three contestants, Tessanne ChinJacquie Lee and Matthew Schuler sang “You’ve Got The Love” by Florence + The Machine. Then everyone got together to spread some holiday cheer on “O Holy Night.”

Once again, Adam Levine could go home knowing that he still had two chances of taking the crown as the results left Matthew and James in the bottom 2. After his so-so performance of “When A Man Loves A Woman” and some One Direction song, I knew we’d be voting to save Matt again. Sadly, he just couldn’t repeat the magic of his “Hallelujah” performance, which kind of haunted him these past couple of weeks. So James, Tessane, Will, Jacquie and Cole are in the semi-finals, and they’re all going to have to work extra hard to make it to the finals in two weeks!


‘The Voice’ Results – Who Was Sent Home? *WEST COAST SPOILER ALERT*

Photo/Video via NBC

The Top 12 were knocked down to 10 contestants after a quick recap of their performances. I know ‘The Voice’ has to fill a two hour slot because NBC has pretty much cancelled every other show on the network, but we could do without the recaps, in my opinion.

The singers and coaches were both  nervous waiting for their results, and two of the coaches’ teams remained unscathed.

There were a couple of performances, Lady Antebellum performed “Goodbye Town” with the ladies of Team Adam. Later he did The Cure‘s “Love Song” with his whole team and this sounded awesome of course. Blake Shelton and his team got together for Brooks & Dunn‘s “Play Somethin’ Country,” the type of Country performances I need from this team.

The show kicked off with a performance from Robin Thickementor and now adviser Pharrell Williams and T.I. for “Blurred Lines.” I love this song, and it’s oddly sexual video, this was the first time they’ve done it live so I’ll give them a break on the vocals. They’re all still fine, though.

The first two artists to learn they were safe were The Swon Brothers and Kris Thomas, and uh, really? Neither were bad but they weren’t the best of Monday night. The next two safe were Josiah Hawley and Sarah Simmons. Sigh, ok, I see what you’re doing here. They saved the most popular contestants for last, but that meant some really good singers were going to be put on the chopping block. Michelle Chamuel seemed genuinely shocked that she was moving on, Amber Carrington was a little surprised too. When it came down to the last two, Vedo and Garrett Gardner were sent home. I kind of get Garrett though, and I’m proud of him for making it this far, but Vedo is really good. Sad to see him go.

So Team Shakira and Team Usher are both down by one. All of the team’s mentors, including Hilary ScottSheryl Crow and Pharrell will be returning as advisors for the Top 10, except Joel Madden who is filming ‘The Voice Australia’ down under. Cee Lo Green will be filling in for him, so that should be interesting.

Do you think the right singers went home? Let us know! 

The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Prey’


[Ed. Note:  Recaps come with a general spoiler warning from this point onward.]

Man, oh man, this was a good episode. I didn’t really appreciate it until the end, things were moving a bit too slow for me, but sometimes it takes a couple of walkers on fire to get me to pay attention. For the past two seasons I’ve been so frustrated with Andrea, and it hasn’t completely been her fault. Now I’m rooting for her, and oddly enough Milton, more than ever.

The show opened with a flashback to Andrea and Michonne back when they were BFFs, surviving out in the woods with her two walkers on leashes. I miss those guys. Andrea asks her about where her pets came from, eventually realizing that she knew them. Michonne tells her that “they deserved what they got” and weren’t human to begin with. Maybe next season we’ll find out more about Michonne’s past, she isn’t really known for sharing info, but she is one of the most complex characters on this show I just want to know why!


In present day Woodbury, The Governor is readying an “interrogation room” for Michonne, complete with the chains she used for her pets. Milton asks him to reconsider the deal, not wanting women and children to get hurt. The Governor doesn’t care about women and children, unless they’re his dead-dead daughter Penny.

Later, Milton tells Andrea that even if Rick gives up Michonne, he still plans on killing everyone at the prison. He takes her to the interrogation room where she decides that she has to kill him. Milton insists that Phillip still exists, but he sure as hell wasn’t in that room.

After being stopped from shooting The Governor by Milton, Andrea starts to make her way out of Woodbury to go back to the prison. She’s topped by Martinez who takes away her guns, upon orders from The Governor of course. This was the last moment that Andrea and The Governor had to play each other. He’s not even that good at lying. That creepy, psycho smile is a dead giveaway.

Tyreese and his sister Sasha have been making themselves at home in Woodbury, taking over guarding the wall. Andrea tries to trick them into leaving their post so she can escape, but they won’t budge. I get that they want to be “safe,” whatever that means anymore, but they are a little too eager to be on The Governor’s good side. Again, I get it, it’s just annoying. She climbs over the wall anyways, armed with just a knife. Later, The Governor assures Tyreese and Sasha that they aren’t in a prison camp, and then slams poor Milton against a wall after he realizes that he told Andrea about the deal. Yeah, you guys aren’t in a prison camp or anything.

Allen, the other white dude that was in Tyreese’s group that I forgot existed, doesn’t want him and Sasha to eff up their standing with The Governor. Apparently Allen still has beef with Tyreese over things that happened between them in the past. This resentment comes back when Tyreese refuses to help Allen and Martinez round up walkers that The Governor plans to use to ambush Rick and the gang at the prison. He offers to leave Woodbury, which causes a fight between him and Allen. When this big fight happens, I can see Tyreese and Allen having a big stand off that i’m sure will leave Allen dead. Although she evaded him once, The Governor catches up to Andrea and chases after her with his truck. She leads him into an abandoned warehouse, which is full of walkers. She escapes him when she opens a door unleashes the walkers. Tired, she reaches the prison but before she can get Rick’s attention, The Governor tackles her in the woods. She wouldn’t have gotten away, if it weren’t for those meddling walkers.

While Phillip was busy tracking down Andrea, someone went out to the pit a bunch of walkers were kept in and lit them all on fire. Martinez reports this to The Governor, who immediately suspects Tyreese but after he shows he has no knowledge of the burning, he realizes it was his once faithful servant Milton. I’m proud of Milton for doing this, even though it’ll likely cost him his life. The actor who plays Milton, Dallas Roberts, has signed on with another show, so it was nice knowing you, Milty. Poor Andrea though. She sits tied up in the interrogation room, waiting on someone to save her, or for The Governor’s horrible punishment.

We probably won’t learn Andrea’s fate until the last episode, oh yeah guys, there’s only two episodes left for the season! I hope Michonne is the one to save her.

Quick question though, what do you guys think of the music being used on the show?

I think it’s a bit unnecessary, and I know the show has a soundtrack coming out, but every episode doesn’t have to end with some alt-country song by a WGWG (People in Planes, actually.)  Do you think it adds to or takes away from the tone of the show?