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Music Monday! Before the Christmas countdown begins…Two Door Cinema Club!

"To the basement..."

Well kids, if you’re like me, you ate a bit too much, okay, a lot too much, maybe drank too much, and now you feel quite sluggish, too much to be back at work. Ugh.

But before I launch full-force into holiday mode and break out the Andy Williams, I thought I would introduce a fantastic band called “Two Door Cinema Club.”Two+Door+Cinema+Club.jpg

I have been listening and liking what I hear from their debut album Tourist History. So much so, in fact, that I have found I LOVE the album front to back, and that’s hard for me with my 30-second a song-span. I am so into these Irish lads, that at the end of October this year, I went to see them here in Seattle. I can tell you from the amount of young hipsters in the crowd, (I was looking WAY too old at 30 compared to these kiddos) that this is an up and coming band.

Hipster movement or not, the pop/alternative nature of these boys, with the lead singer Alex Trimble looking like a cuter re-incarnate of  ‘Simply Red’, will have ya randomly shouting “to the basement people, to the basement”… listen up and find out what’s in the basement. (It sounds creepy, but it so isn’t!)

Stay warm and stay AWAKE, y’all!

Music Monday, Sexy Sade


I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! Just about forgot about Music Monday kids, as the snow comes pouring slightly falling into the Seattle area.

Based on the news, we are the dead center of an Artic Blast! Based on how people are driving, on the normal wet roads with views of snow on the lawns around them, we should all have chains on and 3 days worth of emergency supplies, in case we are stranded in our vehicles and can’t move due to the ONE full inch of snow impeding our path! I was born in the Midwest and lived in Colorado Springs for some time, this craziness surrounding ‘freezing conditions’ and complete city shut-downs is utterly ridiculous and downright laughable.

But since I have the possibility of being ‘snowed’ in for DAYS… I always like to put on a fire and throw on some Sade. I mean, this woman oozes sensuality, and between the fire and some wine, and  some cuddling on the couch.. it pretty much warms stuff up!

So as I watch the temperature drop and the news anchors go ape-shit, I am gonna hunker down and listen to the angelic voice of one Ms. Sade:

Sade’s ‘Sweetest Taboo’ (1986)

Bundle up, y’all.

Shaun’s Music Monday — I’m Only Happy When It Rains (in Seattle)

Shirley Manson makes the Seattle rain better or worse, depending on your depression level...

Well kids, I (Shaun) have been down and out with the flu for the past week, coupled with a few too many Halloween treats of the alcoholic variety. So, as I sit here watching the rain pour down, today’s Music Monday is a piggy-back on Julia’s exciting post from the 29th, that Garbage, oh, yes, the Garbage is back on the block and ready to rock. I too, love me some Shirley Manson; damn, that bitch can truly rock any color of eyeshadow with combat boots!

Seeing as Garbage relocated to Friday HarborWashington in 1997 to write songs for their second album, a place that most of us here know of, or have been too, I can tell that they might just have known something about us North Westerners and the rain.  (Shirley IS from Scotland; verrrry similar weather systems.)  And since we will be experiencing a lot of gray and rain for the next, like, 8* months, we have but one choice, to be happy when it rains.

[Editor’s Note:  Shaun is waaaaay more tolerant of the Seattle weather than Julia is…she’s “ridin’ high upon a deep depression” all right, but ain’t happy at ALL when it rains.]

* Shaun indicated another 5 months of rain–Julia took the more realistic opinion of  another 8 months of this crap weather. Sorry, Shaun.  Just sayin’. Take that as a cry for help from the Editor…

I do love you and your optimism, Shaun.  I just wasn’t born with it…