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Separated At Birth: Louisville’s Kevin Ware and Andre 3000

Andre 3000 (L) and Louisville basketballer Kevin Ware (R)

In all seriousness? Right? I’ve had a crush on Andre` for YEARS…now it looks like I can crush times two!

By now everyone has seen (and screamed at the TV screen) Kevin Ware’s horrific leg-break during the Louisville-Duke game after he landed badly from a jump to block a three-point shot on Sunday night.

Kevin Ware telling his teammates to WIN after violently breaking his leg during a routine jump.

Photo: Getty Images

Thankfully, Kevin has been cleared to travel with the team to Atlanta for Saturday’s national semifinal against Wichita State.

Los Angeles Cop Killer At Large – The Celebrity Lookalikes Are Getting Ridiculous

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Tom Selleck

Listen, I’m not making light of a scary situation (much), but dang.  This Charles Dorner thing is turning into a casting agent’s DREAM.



First we had poor LL Cool J, whom I hope was wearing a Kevlar vest last night during his hosting duties and the Grammy Awards, but now we’ve got LAPD Chief Charlie Beck looking JUST LIKE Tom Selleck.


So Matt Damon is a Waiter Now?


Photo: Wenn

So I’m rooting around the internet like I do 24/7/365, and saw this photo of Pierce Brosnan dining with Emma Thompson and just assumed Matt Damon was joining them.  Nope.  It’s the server.

Well, I thought it was funny…especially since Matt has a reputation of being a bit of a butthole.  (Just tellin’ ya what I heard…)