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Scandal Season Finale Recap, ‘The Price of a Free and Fair Election’


Aaaaaahhh, this show! We were promised an explosive finale, and it was, but it also left me feeling a little whelmed. The twists and turns were a bit predictable, but it was a satisfying end to what was kind of an erratic season. Olivia finally woman’d up, Papa Pope didn’t drop dead, but someone very close to the White House did.



Being the unapologetic goon he is, Cyrus goes over a speech with Fitz just as Senator Hightower’s memorial is getting underway. He ignores Jake’s call, and Jake bursts through the door to tell the Prez that the bomb is actually in the church. Adnan is waiting for the bomb to go off, but Maya was waiting to make sure that Fitz was there, or that Olivia wasn’t. That gives them enough time to warn everyone, so Sally, Leo and Andrew are safe, but the bomb goes off anyways, injuring many. Leo sees this as an opportunity for Sally to play Florence Nightengale, so she tends to some wounds for the cameras and eventually gets full screen coverage over Fitz. Naturally, that scores her some votes, and everyone in Fitz’s campaign reluctantly accepts defeat. Fitz looks on the bright side and realizes that out of the White House, he can divorce Mellie, marry Olivia, move told boring ass Vermont and start making babies and jam. Uh, what about those three other kids you have, Fitz? Liv seems on board with all of this, but there is a lot hanging over their relationship.

So Rowan survived Maya’s shanking, and his near death experience (I assume he’s had many) left him in a fatherly mood. He shares a tender moment with Olivia after she tells him that she was scared after seeing him covered in blood. Back at the WH, she reveals to Fitz that Mellie was raped by Big Jerry, and this brings the two closer together. Literally the day before, Mellie was drunk and wanting out, so it was weird to see them embracing over that. I didn’t have a problem with Olivia telling him, even though she broke her promise to Mellie. It’s just that this secret should have been told by Mellie herself. When Liv returns to the hospital, BOOM, Maya is sitting in Rowan’s room. I knew she would show up Elle Driver style, but I was hoping a needle would be involved somehow. She tells her daughter that everything she has done so far has been for her, because Fitz will do nothing but throw her away. Girl, listen to your mother! She’s insane, but she makes a lot of sense sometimes. Just as Fitz and the fam are taking the stage for a speech, Little Jerry starts coughing up blood and then collapses. Fitz carries him off stage, but Jerry later dies at the hospital. Liv and Cyrus sit in the hallway pondering their amoral lives, and the fact that Fitz has definitely won the election now.

The strain of bacterial meningitis that Jerry died from was stolen from Fort. Dietrick by none other than Maya. So Rowan proposes a plan, he’ll help Fitz snuff out Maya, but of course he’s going to need something in return. Back at OPA, things are crazy, and gross. Harrison and Abby catch Huckleberry Quinn getting it on in the meeting room, you know, where Rowan almost died and there is still tons of blood on the floor. UGH! Charlie knows about their trysts and wants out. Before he leaves Quinn’s apartment, he gives a file full of info to Quinn to give to her new boyfriend. Being the nosy little something she is, Quinn opens it and learns that where Huck’s wife and son live. Huck thought they were going to just “watch” a new family, but when he sees them through the windows he refuses to go talk to him. He confides in Olivia that they are much better off without him in their lives. So Charlie effectively drove them apart by bringing his family back into the picture. If that means the end of Huckleberry Quinn sex and spit kissing, then I welcome Charlie being a bitchy ex-boyfriend.


Realizing that she is a scandal, Olivia thinks back on the offer her dad gave her and chooses to leave everything behind. Abby is distraught, but Huck supports her getting away from it all. When Jake finds out she quit OPA, he begs her to let him come with, to stand in the sun together. That means leaving behind Fitz, who has just won his second term. Distraught over everything that is happening in his life, he spends the night on the floor in the Oval Office, and all he wants is Olivia, who isn’t taking his call. Rowan is Command again, which was his master plan all along.

Harrison, who was used to catch Maya, realizes that he was the one who infected Jerry. Maya was only ever in it for the money, and was caught after she made a huge withdrawal from the bank, but there was no money in killing Fitz’s son. It did, however, eff him up for good. Rowan said he wouldn’t physically hurt him, but he could do far worse damage. So he gave Olivia what she wanted, another term for Fitz, and he got his revenge for him having an affair with her. Maya ended up in the same hole Huck and Jake were kept in, and it’s safe to say she can’t chew through steel.


Alright, Olivia and Jake flew off into the sunset, but how long will they be gone? Liv told Abby they would be taken care of financially, but where does that leave them? Abby could help David out with all those confidential government files Jake left him. Huck could go back to spying on people, I guess. But the one that is most in trouble is Harrison. He has tons of dirt on Rowan, a lot of which  Rowan just let him have, so does he join B613, or does he die? Columbus Short has been in some serious trouble recently, so we’ll have to wait and found out if he gets written off the show. Since his little story line from this season is dead, Rowan killed Adnan to make it look like Maya did it, what else is there for Harrison to do? The White House will continue to be a mess, but my biggest hope for Season 4 is that it returns to it’s former glory and we can all go back to loving Olivia and rooting for her.

Scandal Recap, ‘Flesh and Blood’



Scandal‘ was cut by three episodes this season, so we’re getting the finale sooner than usual. The penultimate episode featured some thrills, a kill and Mama Pope being a boss bitch.

Last night’s episode ended with Jake choking her against a wall, which was a big ass NO-NO, but he seemed to have calmed down enough to ask her why she dismantled his precious B613. Her father, Cyrus and Fitz were in her office as well wanting to know the answer, since she basically helped her mother to carry out her assassination plot. Quinn and Charlie also make an appearance, and Quinn is feeling herself a bit too much these days.

But what about Maya and Adnan? It’s a race against time to find them, and the bomb, leaving Olivia with a choice to make. Should she work with her father to take down her mom, or go with her on again, off again Boo? She chooses Rowan, but Jake warns her that he is only in it for himself and that he’ll eventually turn on her. To try to find out where Maya has planted the bomb, Huck, Charlie and Quinn do what they do best and torture Dominick Bell, Maya’s boyfriend. He reveals to Olivia that she knows him, or knew him, and Rowan later reveals that he was the only man her mother every loved and persuaded her to marry him so that she could access to B613’s resources. So is Dominick her real dad? It’s a huge possibility, but it also isn’t crazy enough for this show.


Meanwhile, Senator Hamilton has died, and Sally wants to be the first to eulogize the man. Fitz also wants to be at his funeral, but it’s best he stay at the White House. Mellie, who is completely done, asks the WH doctor to perform a paternity test for their son Jerry. When Leo gets wind of the news, he bribes Jerry’s girlfriend to get some of his DNA so that he can beat her to the punch. Rowan instructs Olivia to handle the situation, but Mellie wants to use the results to hurt Fitz, who deserves it, frankly. Abby then bribes the DNA tester to change whatever the results were to make it a match to Fitz.

At OPA, Dominick isn’t giving up Maya, who conveniently calls in the middle of the game of Russian Roulette Rowan makes Dom play. Maya could care less about his life and let’s Rowan kill him. Rowan tells Olivia that he has waited years to do that, and if he messed up her floor in the process, so be it. Either Maya is the coldest person on the planet, or she decided to throw her fake husband a bone and let him get his revenge.


Getting antsy being couped up in the WH, Fitz leaves for his campaign event in Defiance, Ohio, where all those fake votes that got him elected came from. It’s the perfect place for a bomb to go off, but if Fitz is to be saved, Olivia has to be there. Maya won’t kill her daughter, even though she has threatened to a couple of times, but the bomb wasn’t there anyway.

Adnan reveals to Harrison that the plan was never to leave it at the school auditorium, it’s final destination was the church where Senator Hamilton’s funeral will be. The Senator didn’t die of a heart attack, he was killed, by Maya! This woman sure does get around. When Olivia returns home to D.C. she finds her father bleeding on the floor. While Quinn and Harrison were engaging in some disgusting sexual antics in the parking garage, they let Maya slip past them. Cyrus gets the call from Jake about where the bomb is, and knowing that Fitz is safe, he lets Sally, Leo and Andrew go to the funeral without a warning. Evil Cyrus is fun, and incredibly scary.

So, Fitz is going to be President again for sure. Except he probably won’t have a Veep now. Maya is gone with the wind, but I hope there is some sort of confrontation between her and Olivia. She may have killed her dad, (step dad? fake dad?) and was trying to kill her man. Liv was disturbed that she let the man she claimed to love die, so who’s to say she won’t turn on her. The back and forth between Liv and Jake is not as tiring as Olitz, but either Jake needs to man up or…yeah, Jake needs to move on. She don’t love you, bruh! I don’t want to think about what happened between Huckleberry Quinn again. It was just, too damn much.

Olivia Pope Wine

The ‘Scandal‘ season finale is next Thursday. Will you be watching live with a glass, or bottle, of wine?!

Scandal Recap, ‘The Fluffer’



Scandal‘ ended with another WTF moment, and I hope the next episode delivers. As for this episode, Fitz continues to be the absolute worst, Abby gets to be in charge for a change and Olivia sort of gets her groove back.


Olivia sends Abby to the White House to take her place for a while. When Cyrus made her realize that she is nothing more than “the help” to Fitz and his campaign, homegirl needed a break. Abby didn’t get the response she deserved, people kept calling her Gabby, but she came prepared with a cute white coat and plan. Jeannine, the intern they paid to be Fitz’s fake mistress, has written a book about their fake relationship. This gives Sally some fuel, and Cyrus wants to bite back by leaking the story on her daughter’s abortion. This ends up working in Sally’s favor when she changes her pro-life, so they all decide that two evil heads are better one and they team up with Leo to get Governor Reston out of the race. They go to his wife with a file containing information about how he planned to kill the man who raped her, but Reston threatens to send her to a sanitarium if she tries to use any of it to ruin his campaign. He did that all by himself though. Abby had the whole conversation recorded and leaked to the press. She was great through all of this, and it seems like she has soaked up all of the mojo Liv used to have. She even had to give Olivia a little Gladiator pep talk, and Lord knows she needed it.

At the White House, Fitz is still being a big baby. When Olivia asks him what he wants, he makes her tell Andrew to stop having sex with Mellie. Right after he said that he didn’t want this because he loved her or wanted her back. So what is it, your ego? Liv gives Andrew an ultimatum, he can either continue to be with Mellie, or he can be the Vice President. He could go on about how much he loved her and thought she deserved better, but just as Olivia said, men like him always choose power over love. He calls things off with Mellie, but she doesn’t take it too well. She slaps Fitz  and tells him that he is always taking things away from her. Sounded like she was officially done with him, and maybe being First Lady.

In her quest to bring down B613, Olivia asks her dad to not hurt the President. As if he actually needs to touch him to kill him or something. He does give up B613’s financial history, telling her that the organization basically steals money from every government agency in existence, filling it’s bank account with tax payer money. She asks Huck to hack into it’s accounts, but he hesitant because he would essentially be working for Rowan again. Harrison calls in a favor with his friend Claire, asking her to keep tabs on Maya. She wants Mama Pope to be her mentor, and helps her and Adnan out with two fake passports. Claire still ends up with two Xs over her eyes, so that was a waste. Staying a step or two ahead of them, Jake empties the accounts, and makes a drunken plea for Olivia’s heart at her apartment. The only way to get into B613’s entire network is for Olivia to sleep with Jake and steal his passwords. She does the deed and they successfully take them offline. Simultaneously, Charlie and Quinn are tracking Maya, whose Russian lover has given her the mother of all bombs. Just as they are about to capture her, everything shuts down. Which begs the question, why is B613 sloppy enough to have all their ish on one network that could be so easily hacked?


Just as they’re celebrating the little bit of lightness that has shined on OPA, Jake barges in tells Olivia that her and the Gladiators have just killed the President. Sigh, so Olivia accomplished something big, but she also helped her mother in her attempt to assassinate Fitz. As crazy as Maya is, Olivia really needs to listen to her. As she told her at the dinner she so scarily crashed, her line of work is dangerous. Jake is choking her, WHY do people keep choking her, and your other man is about to die. Girl, get away from these people! I hear Vermont is lovely this time of year.