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Funny Or Die ‘Between Two Ferns’ With President Obama Almost MADE Me Die From Choke-Laughing


Photo/Video: FunnyOrDie

You know, I’ve been in bed with bronchitis and a sinus infection for almost a gotdamn week. I actually cried in the Urgent Care waiting room because of the long wait ahead of me. Apparently, the sobs and fever worked because I was seen immediately by a lovely nurse and a cold fish of a doctor. (Pretty sure The Tear Show is now in my chart and it will never work again, but whatevs.)

Speaking of healthcare (see what I did there?) my hot ex-boyfriend President Obama was Zach Galifornaihdajiadakis’s (sp?) guest on the (usually) hilarious ‘Between Two Ferns from the folks at Funny Or Die. 

Take a moment to watch the video, then we’ll talk…


Okay. Picture my sickly ass choking in the sink after hearing, “What is it like to be the last black president?” or when President Obama was pitching his healthcare plan, Zach sighed, looked at his watch and said, Is this what they mean by drones?

Dead. I’m dead…choking and laughing.  You should SEE what I hoarked up, you guys. I think I had jellyfish growing in my lungs. Oh, and you’re welcome for that image!