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Lupita Nyong’o Fashion Round-Up!


Actress Lupita Nyong’o has become fashion’s favorite newbie, turning heads and breaking hearts at major awards shows. Nyong’o always out-shines EVERYONE ELSE on the red carpet and never shies away from bright colors, which are enhanced with her complexion. She chooses sexy but stylish silhouettes and has worn many designers, but seems to favorite the designs of Miuccia Prada

Lupita’s breakout performance as Patsy in the critically acclaimed ‘12 Years A Slave‘ has earned her a handful of nominations, including an Oscar nod. At Thursday night’s Critics’ Choice Awards, she won the first of I hope many awards for Best Supporting Actress for this film. She also wowed again in a custom, white Calvin Klein dress.

Here’s a look at some of her other big fashion moments!


 That stunning, red Ralph Lauren from the Golden Globes.

prabal gurung

A tuxedo style dress by Prabal Gurung she wore to the Governor’s Awards last November.


This Lanvin number at the BAFTA LA Britannia Awards, also in November.

chanel (1)

Here she is in Chanel with Anna Wintour. Let’s hope this leads to a big Vogue feature, or cover!

j mendel

A bright yellow J. Mendel dress at the Hollywood Film Awards in October.

miu miu

For the L.A. premiere of ‘12 Years,’ she wore this Miu Miu dress, and now is one of the stars for the brand’s Spring ads.

roland mouret

Bright, blue Roland Mouret at the New York Film Festival.


The look that made everyone pay attention, white and gold by Prada at Toronto premiere of ‘12 Years.’

Bonus, cuz i think Jared Leto’s trying to get them drawz…

Oh, Jared.
Oh, Jared. (Get it, Lupita!)

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[Editor’s Note: Once again, Brittani made me snort/choke-laugh with her “drawz” remark. p.s. NO ONE–and I mean NO. ONE. is working the red carpet like Lupita right now. She is completely elegant, on trend and utter perfection. The End. – DivaJulia]

‘Breaking Bad’ Box Set Now Available For Only $200 – Vince Gilligan Shows Why It’s Totally Worth It



Oh. My. Gyaaaaah.  No. Seriously.  Just look at all the cool crap you get for  $200 when you buy the coveted Breaking Bad Box Set. I just cannot. (And at this price, I probably WILL not…) Nevertheirregardless, let’s listen to our Beloved Creator [of BBVince Gilligan spell it all out for us, shall we?

First of all? Yes, and HELL YES. And that apron?? Good Lort.  But it’s the extras dvd that I’m salivating over. I need to see more bloopers with Bryan and Aaron not being able to hold it together. It makes me all warm and gooey inside. (Ew.) But seriously. It does. I just want to swaddle that barrell up and carry it around like a baby.

So save yourself the hassle of those big stores, parking, throwing elbows and just order it from Amazon. For ME.

NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ Official Trailer – Premieres April 4th

“Hannibal” – Photo: NBC


Elegant Horror“. That’s the phrase the producers are using to describe  NBC’s highly anticipated new series, Hannibal.  It  couldn’t be more accurate.   The atmospheric tone of this new show has me more than intrigued.  Frankly, I’m amazed that a network is attempting to show this much gore and disturbing imagery, but I’m really looking forward to it. I love, too, listening to the writers, actors and producers speak about this sacred ground with the exaltation it deserves.  Oh, please do take a moment, won’t you?

I’ll warn you, if the Hannibal Lecter books (by Thomas Harris) or the thrilling films, freak you out, this may not be your cup of tea. (Or your sautee pan of human organs.)



Now, here’s the thing:  Brittani – The Girl You Want and I are SERIOUS and PROTECTIVE about Hannibal.  We. Mean. Business.  “Do NOT screw it up”, is our constant mantra.

We are both on-board with the cast:  Take a look for yourself.


Hugh Dancy Special Agent Will Graham (13 episodes, 2013)
Mads Mikkelsen Dr. Hannibal Lecter (13 episodes, 2013)
Caroline Dhavernas Dr. Alana Bloom (13 episodes, 2013)
Lara Jean Chorostecki Freddie Lounds (13 episodes, 2013)
Aaron Abrams Brian Zeller (13 episodes, 2013)
Laurence Fishburne Agent Jack Crawford / … (13 episodes, 2013)
Hettienne Park Beverly Katz (13 episodes, 2013)
Scott Thompson Jimmy Price (13 episodes, 2013)
Torianna Lee Elise Nichols (3 episodes, 2013)
Demore Barnes Tobias Budge (2 episodes, 2013)
Austin Macdonald CJ Lincoln / … (2 episodes, 2013)


Hugh Dancy as Will Graham has much more depth, mystery and a quiet charisma than Edward Norton did in the film, Red Dragon.  Adding even more toughness is Lawrence Fishburne as Agent Jack Crawford.

Mads as LeChiffre in Casino Royale

Next up, we have Mads Mikkelsen (whom you may remember as LeChiffre in the James Bond film, Casino Royal; he had a rather nasty nervous tic wherein his eye would bleed tears while under stress during a particularly pricey poker gamer.  Oh, and yes…a certain torture scent involve a seatless chair, a tied up James Bond to said with ropes…all orchestrated by LeChiffre. (Aaain, Brittani and I consider this very scene as one of our all-time greatest film moments.)

As I’ve made it quire clear, This new series in indeed our cups of tea…to say the least.

Just remember those words:  ELEGANT HORROR.

What are YOUR thoughts on this? It’s just a TV show…it’s not real. (Well….much, anyway.)

Let me help you.  You will watch Hannibal.  You will watch it each week. And you will be alarmed, frighted, intrigued, maybe even put-off a bit by some scenes.  But. YOU. WILL. LOVE. HANNIBAL, which will premiering in NBC at April 4th from 10 pm to 11:00.

Now, you’ve been warned in a slightly more sinister fashion.  We are not merely ASKING you to watch Hannibal, Brittani and I are politely requesting that you sit down on Thursday evening at 10.00 p.m. sharp on your local NBC affiliate.

Are we coming in clear?