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Song Of The Day: Kendrick Lamar ‘I’


Since you’re probably in need of a good pick me up on a dreary Tuesday. Kendrick Lamar released the official video for “I” last week, and even if you’re still not really feeling the song, the video will definitely make you want to dance.


Kendrick travels through Los Angeles, getting hype at a couple of a parties, sitting down to have his hair twisted and even pulling a Joker in the backseat of a car. He also runs into Ronald Isley along the way, the song heavily samples The Isley Brothers‘ “That Lady.” In a recent radio interview with Houston’s 93.7 The Beat, Lamar said that the song came from a place of depression and insecurity. Maybe the feel-good, energetic clip will get fans to reconsider the song, which is pretty great.

His next single is rumored to be called “King Kunta,” and we could hear his next album at the tail end of this year, or early next near. So, what do you think of the video?

Check Out Gwen Stefani’s New Video For ‘Baby Don’t Lie’


Our favorite Hollaback Girl is back with new music! Gwen Stefani premiered the video for her latest single “Baby Don’t Lie” earlier this week, giving us a taste of what’s to come with her forthcoming solo album. The clip, directed by Sophie Muller, who also directed a handful of videos for No Doubt, features Stefani walking along a glitchy, colorful landscape. It’s hypnotizing, and might it give you a headache, but it’s pure Gwen. Check it out!

You can buy the Benny Blanco produced track on iTunes now. The song is catchy, and becomes a bit of an earworm after a couple of listens, but there is already a bit of controversy surrounding it. According to fans of Swedish pop singer Ji Nilsson, “Baby Don’t Lie” sounds a lot like her song “Heartbreakfree.” You can head over to to compare Nilsson’s song with Gwen’s. Let’s hope all of the tracks she did with fellow ‘The Voice‘ coach Pharrell Williams have original beats.

Check Out OK Go’s Trippy New Video For ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’



OK Go have become known for their inventive, and somewhat dizzying, music videos that put them on treadmills and in the middle of a huge Rube Goldberg machine. They top themselves with the clip for their latest song, The Writing’sOn The Wall which features the band appearing in a number of optical illusions. See if you can spot some of the hidden messages.

According to Rolling Stone, the video, which was co-directed by lead singer Damian Kulash, took 3 nights to set up, and 50 takes to get right. The video for White Knuckles had 124 takes, so put that into perspective (pun intended). The song appears on their upcoming album, ‘Hungry Ghosts,’ which will be out on October 14. When you pre-order the album on PledgeMusic you can download the track for free!