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Amanda Bynes MIGHT Need a 5150

Reports surfaced Saturday morning about concerns over Amanda Bynes’s mental state. Uh, shocker.
According to TMZ, one of her neighbors has recently seen her “having long conversations with inanimate objects.” Okay, Gladys Kravitz, but why are you calling up TMZ about your neighbor? That aside, I can’t say I’m at all surprised. I suppose a weakened mental state could explain the insanity of Amanda’s recent consecutive car accidents, but is it really an excuse for her putting lives in danger and getting behind the wheel day after day? Of course not.
TMZ also reports that people at Amanda’s gym have noted that during her workouts, she is frequently overheard talking to herself and “laughing hysterically for no reason.”
Hey, at least the girl is going to the gym. She already has me one upped in that respect.
It’s interesting that these stories are coming to light now, when the media is salivating all over the next wacky thing Amanda will do. So it begs the question, is her erratic behavior something new, or has it always existed? Is she on drugs? Did the lack of work and publicity in the past few years do something to her head?
I feel like I’ve gone from laughing hysterically about the situation, to just wanting to sit down with this girl and help a bitch out.
Let’s grab some tacos, smoke a bowl and have a conversation, girl. I won’t call TMZ. I’m a fantastic listener.  Get back on Twitter and tweet me @hayamandarae — we’ll work it out. Help me help you.

Alec Baldwin Kicked OFF American Airlines Flight for Playing ‘Words With Friends’

Hey, Alec likes playing 'Words With Friends"!

Oh, boy.  Here we go…let the war of Tweets begin!

Seems Mr. Alec Baldwin (who’s known to be a bit of a hot head occasionally) was kicked right off an American We’re Going BANKRUPT! Airlines flight for not turning off his iPad while playing Words With Friends.  According to Baldwin, the plane was sitting on the tarmac, and not taxi-ing for take-off.

via The Scoop:

Baldwin tweeted, “Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt,” shortly after news of the plane’s return broke on the social network.

In a statement to NBC News, Baldwin’s rep Matthew Hiltzik explained what went down: “Alec was asked to leave the flight for playing ‘Words with Friends’ on his iPad, while parked at the gate. Alec is so in love with ‘Words with Friends’ that he would risk getting thrown off a flight to play. He’s already been re-booked on another American Airlines flight.

Ed Martelle commented on behalf of the airline, saying, “Owing to privacy concerns regarding our customers, we don’t comment on something that might or might not have happened.”

Hmmmm…have any of you heard via Twitter that Alec was indeed “abusive” to the AA flight attendant?

Words With Friends

All I know is, my BFF Patrick is every BIT as addicted to Words With Friends on his own iPad.  I love when it gets too hard for him at times, and my SilverFox Husband has to play the word-game for him.  Good times.  And super-funny.

Jeez.  Leave Alec alone.

Let’s Address the ‘Adele Has Throat Cancer’ Rumour, Shall We?

Put that ciggie out, Babe.

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Forpitysake.  My Blackberry is blowing UP with “Does Adele REALLY have THROAT CANCER??”  Most of y’all have heard that Adele has been dealing with some horrible throat problems over the past 6 months or so.  But to be clear, it’s not cancer.


Adele Cancels All Live Dates For 2011 And Will Have Throat Surgery
Photo: WENN

Adele has been forced to cancel all of her remaining live dates for this year as she is set to have throat surgery.

The ‘Someone Like You‘ singer has been battling illness for the best part of the year and now she has to have an operation “to alleviate the current issues with her throat“, a statement from Columbia Records read.

Adele, 23, has scrapped all of her live dates and promotional appearances for the rest of the year as she tries to recover and save her voice.

A statement on the singer’s website read: “As a result, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice and completely recuperate before looking to schedule any work commitments.”

Despite having cancelled her 10-date US tour earlier this month following a diagnosis of a vocal cord hemorrhage, Adele is expected to make a full recovery.

Adele was expected to return to the US after postponing several dates due to a serious bout of laryngitis.

Earlier this month Adele wrote to her fans on her website and she said that she was “heartbroken and worried” by the ongoing issues with her voice and health.

She added: “I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully, or I risk damaging my voice forever.”

So blame it on Stupid Twitter and the like for spreading…RUMOURS.

Diva hands!!

I do feel so blessed that SilverFox and I were fortunate enough to see this incredible woman last month…whew.

Adele will rise up!