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Jon Hamm Out In NYC

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt shopping in NYC

You know we’re fans of AMC‘s ‘Mad Men’ around this part, and we love its star Jon Hamm even more. We also love that Hamm frequently goes without underwear.

Ummmm, Jon? Forget anything?

After attending the last night of the Democratic National Convention to watch President Obama accept his nomination, Jon and longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt traveled to New York City for some shopping. The pair hit up Barney’s where they reportedly spent most of their time on the eighth floor to check out women’s clothing. The couple obviously didn’t stop in the mens furnishings department.

I could obviously make a number of dick jokes here, but we’re too classy for that. Joking! Never stop free-ballin’ Hamm!

Madonna Exposes Breast During Istanbul MDNA Concert…On Purpose. *NSFW*

Is Madonna the Sacrifice?


This was no “wardrobe malfunction”, y’all.  Leave it to Madonna to slowly perform a bit of a  peek-a-boob during “Human Nature”  and a very slow, low and sultry version of “Like a Virgin”.

Be my guest and have a look:



So, my question is:  How do Rocco and Lourdes feel about Mum performing this way, since they are both taking part in the tour?

I will say this, Madge is still very sexy at 53 years of age.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ Official 14 Minute Video Is HERE – How Do We Feel About It?

Poor Stefani. She's CRAY-CRAY. (Like a FOX.)

Watch Lady Gaga’s EPIC video, ‘Marry the Night” here first…then we’ll chat, mmkay?

Okay. What does Gaga want us to learn from this “autobiographical” video?  Here’s what I learned:

I learned that Stefani has never truly been in a psych ward because they sure don’t look like they do in her world;  girls running around in thongs, the big, dramatic black crosses all over the place?  Nope.  Hot nurses in Calvin Klein 2013 dresses (really?).  But whatever–SHE’S AN ARTISTE!! 

In Oprah's Voice: I'M AN ARTIST, PEOPLE!!!!!


You know what?  I thought I was going to feel something with this “epic” video.  Instead I felt over-stimulated and lied to. But I also felt  LIKE DANCING.

Maybe that’s all that’s truly required.