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‘The Houstons – On Our Own’ Reality Show; So. Much. Dysfunction.

The Houstons – On Our Own on Lifetime


I am telling y’all right now…I will not watch this speeding trainwreck of  a show with all of Whitney Houston’s family members and hangers-on go at each other over what (relatively) precious little money left in her estate.  It’s sickening to watch, and I don’t need another stomach ache. “HELL to the NO“…RIP Whitney.  Feel free to watch this cringe-worthy trailer for The Houstons – On Our Own.


Let’s recap what we’re dealing with here:

Bobbi Kristina and her fiance-brother, Nick


Bobby Brown and Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina will announce her engagement to Nick Gordon, who was raised by Whitney as her own son–and Bobbi Kristina’s own brother.  Still with me?

Whitney’s mama Cissy doesn’t want Bobbi Kristina to receive her trust inheritance of $20 million because she thinks all that money will eventually kill her granddaughter through drugs and other bad decisions.

I’ll give you an example of one bad decision:  The concept and follow-through of a reality series involving a woman who hasn’t even been dead one year, and the family that goes out of their way to exploit her and her legacy. 

Shame on alla y’all.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees Announced – Where’s Joan Jett?

G 'n R

It’s a man’s world.  We all know it — but I’ll say it again. It’s a man’s world.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees were announced today to a bunch of dudes, and a bone (pun not intended, but is fitting) was thrown to one woman.  The five inductees in the performer category are as follows: Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donovan, Laura Nyro, the collected bands The Small Faces / The Faces, and Beastie Boys.

Joan Jett DESERVED to be inducted. Gyaaah.

No Joan Jett.  No Heart.  No Donna Summer….but mostly?  NO JOAN MF-ING JETT???

Now we all get to see who will show up at the induction ceremony, besides Paul Schaffer. Will Axl blow the whole thing off?  (I’m thrilled for Duff McKagen, I must admit.)

Maybe Paul can have the bands all join him in his classic, “It’s Raining Men” for the all-star closing performance.  Seems appropriate.

Now I’m crabby.