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Nirvana With Joan Jett – Performance At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Cerermony – VIDEO


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Well, the FEELS I’m having while watching and listening hard to Joan Jett perform ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘ with the [remaining–ugh] members of Nirvana at last night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony…I mean, I knew it was gonna be great, but I sure didn’t expect to get all fucking emotional about it! Honestly, you people.

Oh well. Whatever. Nevermind. Watch for yourselves, man. 

Right? Joan MuhFuh’n JETT. All DAY. I really just have to roll my eyes to the very back of my skull at the idiots out there who bitched about Dave, Krist and Pat asking this ICON to lead them in what is an American classic; the song that CHANGED EVERYTHING. I’m going to make a couple of blanket statements about who’s doing the actual bitching: Dude-bros and people who were NOT EVEN BORN yet, to understand just how perfect of a choice Joan was to stand it Kurt’s place.

You probably also heard that Lorde, Annie Clark and Kim Gordon each took on ‘All Apologies’, ‘Lithium’ and ‘Aneurysm’, respectively.  Please feel free to catch these performances via 107.7 The End – Seattle.  You might get an idea of how we, the local people, feel about the induction performances.


Joan? You rocked your shit harder than ever. Kurt? We all still miss you.

Nirvana, Joan Jett – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rehearsal LEAKED



Photo: Twitter/@KristNovoselic, @Nirvana

Looks and sounds like the not-so-secret “secret”that  Joan Jett will indeed perform with Nirvana at this evening’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony. Take a listen! (Wait…look at Dave Grohl curled up like a toddler in The Naughty Chair!) Okay, now go listen.


Alternative Nation was roaming the halls of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in advance of tonight’s festivities and captured the audio in the player above from the Nirvana rehearsal. Though not visible, the voice singing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ does sound an awful lot like Joan Jett. It will mark the first time the members of Nirvana play the song live since Kurt Cobain’s death 1994.

Is there any reason HBO can’t air this thing LIVE instead of editing it within inch of its life? We have to wait til May 31, for eff’s sake.